Pre-HW Tuition

Pre-HW Tuition and Fees

You will pay tuition and fees each semester you are enrolled in the program, based on the number of credit hours you are completing.

The university has developed two useful resources to guide you in understanding the estimated costs of attending Ohio State as an undergraduate student. One includes a breakdown of estimated costs and the other is a net price calculator which also includes a financial aid estimator.

Please be aware that, while the figures included in the links above are based on the most accurate information available, they are estimates only and are subject to change at any time. These estimates may not apply to individual students with unique educational paths. Our goal is to provide a snapshot of what you may be able to expect.

Exact amounts of current tuition and fees can be found in detail on Ohio State’s Registrar website. Should you have any specific questions regarding cost and financial counsel, please reach out to the Student Financial Aid Office for assistance.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

As a student in the pre-HW program, you are eligible to apply for financial aid. Please visit the Student Financial Aid website to learn more about the options available to you.