What are the benefits of this certificate?

This unique Primary Care certificate offers course content that is not currently embedded in the BSN curriculum. Topics discussed within this certificate include, but are not limited to:

  • Care Coordination and Transition in Care
  • Substance Use Disorder
  • Evidence-based Health Coaching
  • Telehealth Assessment and Management
I am going to graduate soon, can I still enroll in this certificate?

Yes, students are able to complete the certificate after graduating with their BSN, however, the coursework must be started prior to graduation.

Is it feasible to complete this coursework alongside my current curriculum? 

Students interested in the Primary Care certificate should discuss the optimal course sequencing for incorporating this additional coursework with their Academic Advisor.

How are courses offered?

The courses in this certificate are offered in both a synchronous and asynchronous format, which means that the courses do occasionally meet online at specific times. Talk to an advisor if you have questions regarding the times of courses.


Javier Roman
Javier Roman, graduate

“This program has provided me with the opportunity to become a leader in my chosen specialty by giving me the tools and superior knowledge to be a nurse and an innovator that can adapt and incorporate new holistic evidenced-based approaches to patients.”