Pre-Nursing Curriculum

Sample schedule during the pre-nursing year

*Please note: Student schedules may vary. Sample schedules listed do not list all options that may satisfy prerequisite courses. For a comprehensive list of approved prerequisites courses, please visit the BSN admissions page. Additionally, note that a sample schedule is tentative and allows for deviation. Deviations may be made based on the prerequisite course/option a student elects to enroll in, credit earned through post secondary and/or AP, and/or test scores such as the math placement test score.

Autumn Semester
  • Chemistry 1110*
  • Psychology 1100*
  • Biology 1101 or 1110 or 1113*
  • GE^
  • Nursing Survey 1100**
Spring Semester
  • English 1110*
  • EEOB 2520*
  • Anatomy 2300 or EEOB 2510*
  • Sociology 1101 or Rural Sociology 1500*
  • Human Nutrition 2210 or 2310

* Nursing major prerequisites
** Only required of first-semester, directly enrolled freshmen, but may be replaced by another department's 1100-University Survey course
^ General Education courses - may be completed prior to admission to the nursing major. Please click 
here for more information about GE options for the College of Nursing.

Colleen Martucci
Colleen Martucci, graduate

“Ohio State’s nursing program not only focuses on being able to perform skills to provide optimal care to patients, but also to work and effectively communicate with the entire interdisciplinary team.”