HW Curriculum

The bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness includes mostly online synchronous courses and an in-person practicum during your final year. The degree requires a minimum of 120 semester hours and can be completed in four academic years. The first year of study includes pre-professional coursework that is prerequisite to applying to the major.

HW students take prerequisite courses and the HW survey course, during their first year. College of Nursing professional advisors provide support to HW students for scheduling classes and to foster academic success.

Sample Schedule

View a four-year HW sample schedule* for students entering the program in August 2022 and beyond.

*The HW sample schedule is tentative and the sequence of coursework may change based on a number of different factors. Deviations may occur based on the prerequisite course/option a student elects to enroll in, credit earned through post-secondary and/or AP and/or test scores, such as the math placement test score, changes to class requirements, falling below academic progression standards and other reasons.

The sample schedule does not provide a list of prerequisite courses required for admission into the HW major. For a comprehensive list of approved prerequisites courses, grade requirements and an overview of the HW application process please visit the HW admissions page.

Below is a sample list of classes a student will take to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness. Since university students need more than specific education to narrow the field, they also will take classes to complete General Education (GE) requirements. Because GE courses come from a variety of academic areas of study, this coursework helps students develop fundamental skills essential to collegiate success and allows them to tailor these courses toward their interest. Note: this sample represents one of several paths to a degree in HW.

Year 1
Autumn Credit Hours
GE Launch Seminar 1
Biology 1101 Introduction to Biology, 1110 Biology for the Health Sciences or 1113 Biological Sciences: Energy Transfer and Development 4
SOCIOL 1101 Introduction to Sociology or SOCIOL 1102 Social Foundations of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Social Class 3
HDFS 2400 Human Development 3
Survey Course* 1
GE Course 3
Total credit hours 12-15
Spring Credit Hours
English 1110 Writing and Information Literacy 3
Anatomy 2300, 3300 or EEOB 2510 Human Anatomy 3-4
Human Physiology PHYSIO 3200 or Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology EEOB 2520 or Human Physiology and Disease PHR 3100 3
GE Course 4-6
Total credit hours 13-16
Year 2
Autumn Credit Hours
HW 2102 Evidence-based Strategies to Optimize Health, Happiness and Well-being 3
HW 2210 Dimensions of Wellness and Resilience 3
HW 2220 Wellness in Chronic Conditions 4
PUBHHBP 3510 Role of Behavior in Public Health or PUBHLTH 2010 Intro to Global Public Health 3
HUMNNTR 2410 Science of Human Nutrition or 2310 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3
Total credit hours 16
Spring Credit Hours
HW 2200 Introduction to Health Literacy 3
HW 2780 Scholarship for Evidence-based Practice 3
SOCIOL 3306 Sociology of Poverty 3
BUSMHR 2500 Business Entrepreneurship 3
NUR 2367 Writing About Healthcare Issues in the United States 3
NUR 4150 Epidemiology Concepts in Nursing and Global Healthcare 2
Total credit hours 17
Year 3
Autumn Credit Hours
Psychology 2303 Positive Psychology 3
HW 3430 Integrating Culture in Healthcare 3
HW 3240 Health Program Planning & Evaluation 3
GE Course 4-6
GE Course 3
Total credit hours 16-18
Spring Credit Hours
HW 3230 Coaching for Health Improvement 3
HW 3220 Health Promotion Strategies for People with Chronic Conditions 3
HW 3490 Technology-based Health Promotion Strategies 3
HW elective 3
HW elective 3
Total credit hours 15
Year 4
Autumn Credit Hours
HW 4300.01 Practicum I 5
GE Course 3
HW elective 3
HW elective 3
Total credit hours 14
Spring Credit Hours
HW 4300.02 Practicum II 5
SOCIOL 4629 Health Disparities in Social Context 4
GE Course 3
GE Course 3
Understanding a Diverse and Just World 1
Total credit hours 16

*HW 1100: This is a seven-week course covering topics related to course registration and campus resources. It is not a requirement for the major, but students are encouraged to take the course.

General Education (New) Requirements

View an overview of general education requirements specific to HW students entering the university in August 2022 and beyond.

General Education (Legacy) Requirements

View legacy general education requirements specific to HW students entering the university prior to August 2022.



Elective courses

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Courtney Sowul, current student

“This program focuses on wholesome wellness. We look at the entirety of an individual and the problems they face and we help them take steps in the right direction to become a healthier and happier person.”

NBHWC The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching approved training program
This program is an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).