GE and MS Application to Graduate Instructions

  1. Log into Grad Forms using your Ohio State username and password.
  2. Select “Graduation and Examination Forms.” Locate the “Application to Graduate” and then click on the green “+Create New Application to Graduate” button.
  3. Select the term you plan to graduate. Do not check the “End of Semester” box unless specifically instructed.
  4. Select the appropriate Graduation Level: Master’s Non Thesis
  5. Select the appropriate Graduation Plan:
    • Traditional MS: NURSING-MS
    • Graduate Entry: NURGEN-MS
  6. Select the appropriate Graduation Degree: MS
  7. End of Semester Option = No (do not change)
  8. Complete the Commencement section:
    • If you authorize someone to pick-up your diploma in your place, put their full legal name in the space provided
    • If you plan to have the diploma mailed to your permanent address, confirm the address that appears once you select this option. If the address is not correct, visit your student center through BuckeyeLink and make the necessary corrections.
  9. Complete the Committee Section
    • Graduate Entry and Traditional Master’s students should refer to The Beacon to view their advisor of record and assigned committee member (aka second reader). This information will be posted to The Beacon on or around week eight of the semester preceding the term of your anticipated graduation date.
    • Type in your advisor’s last name as shown on the list on Beacon and wait for a drop-down menu to appear. Find your advisor’s name from the generated list and click on it.
    • Repeat this process for the additional “Committee Member”.
  10. Save and submit your application.
    • You can take the following actions on your application:
      • “Save” your application for further review and discussion, or
      • Click “Save and Continue” for the next steps.
      • Note: The application must still be submitted after this step.
    • After clicking “Save and Continue” click “Submit” to officially submit your application to graduate. Be sure to submit your application to graduate early in order to allow sufficient time for your faculty advisor and program to review and act on your application prior to the deadline.
    • Your application will be reviewed by the Graduate School after the deadline to apply to graduate has passed. Approval of your form only places your name on the Graduation List and is not a guarantee that you will graduate.
      • If the designation/status = Pending, it is awaiting action by someone in the College of Nursing (usually an advisor). 
      • Your application will be reviewed by the Graduate School after the deadline to apply to graduate has passed, and will remain as "Pending GS" (pending Graduate School approval) until this time. If there is anything incorrect regarding your application, you will receive notification from the Student Data Manager.