MHI Curriculum

The Master of Healthcare Innovation program is completed part-time, over five semesters and is 100 percent online. The coursework is a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. The synchronous learning requires students to participate in the course at scheduled times during the week. Orientation and graduation are held on-campus and all students are highly encouraged to participate, though not required. If you are unable to make the trip to campus for orientation do not worry, we will distribute the materials as well as recordings of the sessions afterward. The MHI program promotes the use of teamwork, communication and collaboration. We encourage you to meet with other students in your geographical area to work on projects, study or network.

The Master of Healthcare Innovation is a 31-credit hour professional master’s degree program. The core program requires 28-credit hours of course work and three hours of capstone.

Part-Time Plan of Study 
Year 1
  • Leadership (3 credits
  • Culture (3 credits)
  • Innovation (3 credits)
  • Enhancing Communications (3 credits)
  • Organizational Operations (3 credits)
  • Evidence-based Practice (3 credits)
Year 2
  • Fundamentals of Design (3 credits)
  • Utilizing Technology (3 credits)
  • Professional Development Seminar (1 credit)
  • Healthcare Policy (3 credits)
  • Capstone (3 credits)
Core Coursework
Course Credit Hours
HCINNOV 7440: Innovation in High Performing Organizations 3
HCINNOV 7441: Innovation Leadership: Leading from Within 3
HCINNOV 7442: Building a Culture of Innovation in Health Systems 3
HCINNOV 7460: Enhancing Communication in the Innovation System 3
HCINNOV 7500: Healthcare Policy: A Case for Innovation 3
HCINNOV 7520: Utilizing Technology to Measure Outcomes in Health Systems 3
HCINNOV 7521: Best Practices in Organizational Operations 3
HCINNOV 7522: Fundamentals of Design Thinking in Healthcare 3
HCINNOV 7780: Evidence-Based Practice for Innovation in Organizations 3
HCINNOV 7596: Professional Development Seminar 1
Program Capstones
Course Credit Hours
HCINNOV 7595: Capstone 3

The Capstone Course comes in the final semester of the MHI program.  The Capstone Course builds on the work from the previous semester, in the Design Course. Students remain in the Capstone group that was formed during Design. The purpose of the Capstone is to complete the prototype that was started in Design and develop an implementation and evaluation plan. Final group presentations of the plan and the culmination of the work done in the MHI program will occur at the end of the course.

Core Competencies
  • Innovation
  • Organizational Culture and Change
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Organizational Operations in Healthcare
  • Evidence Based Leadership
  • Outcomes Orientation

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Kelly Lehmkuhl
Kelly Lehmkuhl, graduate

“Unequivocally, the networks that I have built through the program have been one of the greatest assets I have obtained. The program is paving a path for me to advance within my organization as we strategically advance healthcare.”