Academy for Teaching Innovation, Excellence and Scholarship (TIES)

How does TIES positively impact the College of Nursing and healthcare generally?

Nurse educators strive to use an evidence-based approach to clinical teaching of best practices in all areas of healthcare. The TIES Academy helps faculty focus on and refine evidence-based and innovative practices from literature in higher education and nursing education in their teaching practice by:

  • identifying existing evidence-based teaching strategies that have the potential to solve their instructional challenges
  • recognizing the innovative instructional approaches they are using in the classroom
  • designing evaluation of their instructional approaches and collecting evidence of their effectiveness
  • disseminating knowledge about their creative work in the classroom

College of Nursing students benefit from the work of the TIES Academy because they have the opportunity to participate in evidence-based learning experiences and innovative instruction that prepare them to enter the healthcare workforce as competent, confident practitioners.

Our faculty benefit from the network of collegial relationships and support in creating innovative educational opportunities that contribute to excellence in nursing. Faculty receive support in meeting the scholarship requirements for promotion and tenure by developing a scholarship trajectory as beginning or mentoring established nurse scholars. Inspiring and motivating nurse educators to share their experiences and expertise through dissemination of scholarship is a central role of the TIES Academy.

TIES also has an impact at the bedside at the level of the primary care nurse who is educated in clinical best practices by our expert nurse faculty. Leaders in healthcare, such as nurse practitioners, Clinical Nurse Leaders, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and those who have earned a Doctorate in Nursing Practice or a PhD, receive support from TIES in innovation and dissemination of educational approaches critical to building a strong, confident, and resilient nursing workforce. Patients and families are impacted by TIES through the excellent educational experiences our students bring to all levels of nursing. The people we serve (patients, families, and all College of Nursing stakeholders) benefit when they receive care from one of our graduates who has been educated by our nurse faculty experts and scholars.

Meet our Co-Directors

Joni Tornwall, PhD, RN, ANEF
Associate Clinical Professor

As co-directors of the TIES Academy, we work with faculty to identify innovative strategies they are already using or design implementation of innovations they are considering in their courses. We have so many wonderful and creative things happening in our classrooms that engage our students in their course content and guide them to think about it deeply. However, those strategies sometimes stay confined to the classroom where they were developed. It’s our job to discover how faculty are innovating in their unique educational context and find ways to share that information with other faculty in the college. The TIES Academy also collaborates with instructors to test their innovations in the classroom by measuring student outcomes and disseminating findings that contribute to the body of science in nursing education.