How can I learn more about the Path2BSN Option?

Contact the Path2BSN advisor at

How do I apply for this option?

You do not actually apply to the Path2BSN. If you are interested in this option you need to meet with a Path2BSN advisor to create a curriculum plan based on your individualized needs. Then, inform the advisor in writing of your interest and an intent to enroll survey will be sent to you. At that point you will be tracked as a Path2BSN student.

Is admission into the community college or community college’s nursing program guaranteed?

Admission is never guaranteed. A student must adhere to each school’s admission criteria and appropriate deadlines. Being in the Path2BSN, does not guarantee you a seat in any nursing program. A student can make themselves a competitive candidate for a program by applying early, having all admissions criteria completed before the application deadline and maintaining a strong and competitive GPA. Additional certifications such as STNA and CPR are also extremely helpful to have completed before applying as well. Please see our application deadlines on our main landing page for each school’s application criteria.

Will I have a designated advisor with this option?

You will. From the time you express interest in the Path2BSN, up until the point you graduate from Ohio State with your BSN, an advisor will be with you every step of the way. The advisor will help you plan courses that count towards the BSN and make suggestions accordingly to help making achieving your BSN as seamlessly as possible.

So, the Path2BSN will help me obtain my bachelor’s in nursing degree?

That is correct. This is one option to help you obtain your BSN in an affordable and flexible way.