What is the soonest I can start the Path2BSN?

Each student is unique but typically students will apply, and if admitted, start taking classes in Ohio State’s online RN to BSN program their second-to-last semester in the ADN program.

Do I have to start the Path2BSN program before I graduate from my Associate Degree in Nursing program?

While this is something we offer to our community college partner students, you are not required to start prior to graduating with your ADN.

What is the difference between Path2BSN and RN to BSN?

The Path2BSN option is a way to enter the online RN to BSN program. It is not a separate program. Path2BSN students are students that are currently enrolled or have graduated within the past year from one of our partner school nursing programs.

Can a student who was denied admittance to the traditional BSN at Ohio State take advantage of the Path2BSN?

Current Ohio State students who are not admitted to the traditional BSN program on campus may choose to attend one of our community college partner institution’s Associate Degree in nursing (ADN) programs. If the Ohio State student attends a partner institution, they will be eligible to participate in Path2BSN. The process for current Ohio State students denied admission to the traditional BSN and would like to complete an ADN at one of our partner schools is as follows:

  • EXPLORE: Student will explore the ADN program options at our partner institutions to determine which program works best for them.
  • APPLY (ADN): Student will apply to the community college ADN program.
  • ADVISING (ADN): Student will work with a community college partner advisor during their time there
  • ADVISING (Path2BSN): Student will continue to have the Path2BSN advisor at Ohio State to monitor progress for Path2BSN
  • APPLY (BSN): Once the student is a few semesters into their ADN program they should contact the Path2BSN advisor for information on the application and requirements to complete the BSN
I am a current Ohio State student. Will I still be considered an Ohio State student if I choose this pathway?

Once a student transfers into the ADN program at one of our partner institutions, they are a student of the partner institution until they complete the application process to complete the BSN program. They will still have advising from the Path2BSN advisor to complete the BSN.

Is admission into the community college or community college’s nursing program guaranteed?

Admission is never guaranteed. A student must adhere to each school’s admission criteria and appropriate deadlines. Being in the Path2BSN, does not guarantee you a seat in any nursing program. A student can make themselves a competitive candidate for a program by applying early, having all admissions criteria completed before the application deadline and maintaining a strong and competitive GPA. Additional certifications such as State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) and CPR are requirements for some of the partner institutions. Please see our application deadlines on our main landing page for each partner institution’s application criteria.

Will I have a designated advisor with this option?

Yes. From the time you express interest in the Path2BSN, up until the point you graduate from Ohio State with your BSN, a Path2BSN advisor will be with you every step of the way. The advisor will help you plan courses that count towards the BSN and make suggestions accordingly to help making achieving your BSN as seamlessly as possible.