Do students have to complete a CNA/PCA/STNA program before start of the BSN program?

No, you do not need to complete any STNA courses before the start of the BSN program. You may do so if you would like the license to work somewhere, however it is not required for Post Admissions into the BSN program.

I have taken college-level coursework previously. How can I determine what is transferrable to this program? 

Evaluation of previously completed coursework for transfer is completed once you’ve been admitted and accepted the offer of admission. Transfer coursework is evaluated, and credit is awarded through a university process. Here are some resources available that can assist you in exploring what coursework may transfer to Ohio State. These include:

It is important to note that the information obtained from these resources does not guarantee all credit will transfer into Ohio State once a student matriculates. For more information regarding transfer credit, please visit Transfer Credit FAQ webpage.



How far will my clinicals be from campus? Will I need a car in order to complete my clinicals?

Most clinicals will take place at Ohio State’s medical campus, including Wexner main house, Ross Heart Hospital, James Cancer Center and Harding Psychiatric Hospital. These buildings are about a two minute walk from the College of Nursing. Some clinicals will require you to visit Ohio State East Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital or Riverside Hospital, which are all about a 7-10 minute drive away from campus. This is the furthest you will have to travel to get to clinical and you can arrange a carpool with your classmates.

How will I know what courses to complete and what year I should complete them? Do I get to pick what year I can complete certain clinicals?

Ohio State’s BSN program is a lock-step program. When you are admitted, you will be assigned a curriculum plan. This will be your schedule of nursing courses and clinicals for the next three years. You may add a general education course or other courses to your schedule as you see fit, however your nursing courses cannot be modified. While you are waiting for your curriculum plan to be assigned, you can view the sample curriculum to get an idea of what your schedule may be like. Keep in mind, this is a sample and your schedule may differ.

How do I schedule an appointment with my advisor?

Please call 614-292-4041 to schedule an advising appointment.

Will I be eligible to sit for the NCLEX after completion of this program?

All students who graduate from Ohio State’s BSN program will be eligible to sit for the NCLEX. You will begin the process of registering to take the NCLEX in your senior year and you will be allowed to schedule your test shortly after graduation.

What types of classes will I be taking for the BSN?

Each semester, starting in your second semester in the program, a student will be assigned to one clinical rotation at a time. Each clinical rotation will have a lecture component to provide information about the specialty you are practicing for that clinical. In addition to this course, students will take a variety of courses to round out their education such as:

  • Therapeutic Communication, which provides students with the tools to communicate with patients in a helpful and nonjudgmental way
  • Pharmacology, which focuses on medications we give to our patients
  • Scholarship for Evidence-Based Practice (EBP), which emphasizes the importance of using EBP in your nursing care
What are the employment opportunities for the BSN major? Will I only be able to work in a hospital setting?

Students can choose to be employed while in the BSN program, though it is not a requirement. You can work anywhere that will accommodate with your clinical schedule, and it doesn’t have to be medical-related. Keep in mind that clinicals cannot be changed or modified to fit your work schedule, so it is important to work somewhere that will be mindful of this.

Are there nursing scholarships available? If so, how do I apply?

Yes, scholarships are available to students that have been admitted to the BSN program. Applications typically open in the spring semester of each year. You can learn more here

Can BSN students have a minor?

Yes, students in the College of Nursing are welcome to pursue any undergraduate minor or certificate at Ohio State for which they qualify. Please note that minors are not required for graduation. Additionally, clinical and major coursework cannot be shifted to accommodate that of another program. 

Can I participate in education abroad as a BSN student?

Yes, students may choose to pursue nursing-related study abroad experiences through the College, or general education abroad experiences through the University. If a student wishes to pursue university-wide education abroad experiences, they will need to ensure that these experiences occur over the summer so as not to disrupt the BSN curriculum progression.  

Do I have to take a foreign language? 

No, students in the College of Nursing are not required to take a foreign language for graduation, but are welcome to pursue foreign language courses if they are interested and their schedule allows for it. Please contact the department offering the foreign language regarding the Foreign Language Placement exam. 

Can I accelerate the BSN program if all my General Education courses are completed or if I am interested in graduating early?

No, students cannot speed up or slow down the progression of BSN coursework. Students who have additional space in their schedule may choose to add a minor or certificate, take elective courses, or become part-time students so long as they are enrolled in their assigned nursing classes and meet graduation requirements. 

Can you set up shadowing experiences for me?

No, the College of Nursing does not schedule or facilitate shadowing or observational opportunities for students outside the official clinical setting. However, students are welcome to pursue these experiences on their own or sign up for career services-related presentations or events that are available.  

Are there student groups related to nursing?

Yes, the College of Nursing has several student groups. More information on these groups can be found here. College of Nursing students may also choose to join student groups outside the college that are of interest of them.   

Am I eligible for any certificates while in the BSN program?

Yes, BSN students can add the Primary Care Academic Certificate to their degree plan. More information on this certificate can be found here

Are there opportunities to engage in research with nursing faculty?

Yes, students in the BSN Honors Program can participate in College of Nursing research. More information on this program option can be found here

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