We have high aspirations for our students as healthcare professionals. We support them in pursuing their personal and professional success through a simple philosophy:

LIVE WELL: Lead, Innovate, Vision, Execute, Wellness-focused, Evidence-based, Lifelong learners, Lights for the world

LIVE WELL reflects the values we share in helping prepare our students for a lifetime of transforming health and improving lives. Each letter is significant and intentional in this philosophy:

L: Lead

As they obtain knowledge and experience in healthcare, our students will find their leadership voices to innovate and inspire those around them.

I: Innovate

Our mission is to dream, discover and deliver a healthier world. We are always asking, “Is there a better way?” Our students are a vital part in growing the innovative spirit in our college.

V: Vision

Our faculty and students serve as visionaries for what better health can look and feel like.

E: Execute

Putting innovations into action and leading the charge for better healthcare.

W: Wellness-focused

We thrive on taking a proactive approach to optimizing well-being for all.

E: Evidence-based

We focus on evidence-based practice as a way of approaching decisions in healthcare. This incorporates research, expert knowledge and patient preference in decision-making to deliver the highest quality and safe approaches to care delivery while boosting population health, decreasing costs and improving the lives and well-being of clinicians.

L: Lifelong learners

We never stop learning … there’s always something new to find out about and incorporate to care for patients. That’s how we continue to transform the future of health.

L: Lights for the World

Our students, faculty, staff and partners can change the world. Their passion for improving the world around us is inspiring, and we support them in pursuing that passion.

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