Student Research Opportunities

Graduate Research

Research is at the very heart of the mission of the College of Nursing at Ohio State. In real and measurable ways, graduate students have the opportunity to contribute to the profession of nursing as scientists and scholars. Faculty emphasize collegial mentoring relationships between expert and developing scholars with regard to research, grant writing, and publications. Faculty facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and access to to more than 22 core research laboratories on the Ohio State campus to assist students in developing cutting edge and high quality research projects.

Faculty also assist students to obtain competitive extramural research funding through such eminent organizations as the National Institutes of Health, TriService Nursing Research Program, Midwest Nursing Research Society, and Sigma Theta Tau, International. Intramural funding of research includes the Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship (AGGRS) and Edward F. Hayes Graduate Research Forum.

Our graduates serve as scientists and scholars in the profession of nursing, contributing richly at all levels of practice and teaching.

For more information about nursing research for our graduate students, please visit the PhD page


Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate student participation in research is a core value of the College of Nursing. Engaging undergraduate students in research facilitates students’ understanding of how the science that underpins the discipline of nursing is discovered and subsequently how this is translated into practice. Students at the undergraduate level engage in the research process in two major ways: through an independent study or in the honors program.

Independent study experiences allow students who are interested in research to engage in various aspects of the research process. These experiences often give students an understanding of the intricacies of building a scientific basis for practice, and encourage them to pursue further experiences in research.

The College of Nursing has a prestigious honors program that engages students directly into all aspects of the research process. The honors program at the College of Nursing is unique in that all students from this program graduate with Honors Research Distinction, the highest honor an undergraduate can attain at Ohio State. As a part of the requirements to graduate with distinction, nursing students must complete a research project under the mentorship of a faculty advisor. Students work closely with a faculty mentor for three years to develop either an independent research project or a secondary analysis of an existing research project that will help inform the discipline of nursing. The goals for students in this program are to understand the research process, develop their own project under the close supervision of a faculty mentor, and publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals for the benefit of health science disciplines. 

For a comprehensive listing of student honor theses, visit the Knowledge Bank at OSU: Nursing.

For more information about undergraduate research at the university, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry