HLIC Curriculum

Sample plan of study

This plan is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change.

Autumn Start
Autumn Credit Hours
HCINNOV 7441 Innovation Leadership: Leading from within 3
HCINNOV 7442 Building a Culture of Innovation in Health Systems 3
Total credit hours 6
HCINNOV 7440 Innovation in High Performing Organizations 3
Elective 3
Total credit hours 6

HCINNOV 7440 (3 credit hours) Innovation in High Performing Organizations
Students learn advanced concepts of innovation in a high performing organization and the leadership behaviors that sustain innovation. Students discuss cross-disciplinary theories of innovation for improving health and quality of healthcare. Students are introduced to innovation competencies including positive deviance, complexity leadership and disruptive innovation.

HCINNOV 7441 (3 credit hours) Innovation Leadership: Leading from Within
This course encourages students to discover themselves as leaders to maximize innovation and organizational impact. Students explore their own leadership behaviors to better manage their energy and find balance in order to perform at a peak level and positively impact the advancement of innovation in healthcare.

HCINNOV 7442 (3 credit hours) Building a Culture of Innovation in Health Systems
This course builds foundational knowledge of complex adaptive system characteristics in healthcare. It will explore complex adaptive system theory, systems thinking and network relationships as the context of leadership action and innovation. This course focuses on healthcare innovation from a systems perspective emphasizing the importance of networks, relationships, culture and feedback.

Elective Coursework (3 credit hours)
Students working toward the Healthcare Leadership and Innovation certificate will be required to take three credits of elective coursework. Students often choose to take elective coursework in a specific conceptual area in which they wish to gain additional expertise above and beyond the three required courses. Currently approved electives include Health Care Innovation 7460, Nursing 7483 and Nursing 7403. If you prefer an elective not included on this list, please speak with your faculty advisor.