Palliative and End of Life Care Certificate FAQs

Can I complete any of the courses prior to being eligible to apply for the certificate?

Senior Ohio State undergraduate students may petition to take two 5000 level courses in the program via the existing senior petition process. Students should reach out to their academic advisor for assistance with the senior petition process.

Can I complete this at my own pace?

Students are expected to follow their plan of study. Any changes to that plan can be discussed with the student’s advisor.

Are the courses needed to complete this certificate offered every term?

No, courses are only offered during certain terms each year. A student’s plan of study is therefore based on this course availability.

Are courses offered at a specific time during the day?

The College of Nursing specific courses are asynchronous. This means that coursework is completed independently and there are not designated class meeting times each week. Courses offered through other departments may be offered in a different format.

Is there funding available?

As non-degree students, most types of financial aid and scholarships are not available to students enrolling in certificate programs. Full-time employees at Ohio State may be eligible for tuition assistance, which can aid in the cost of this certificate.