How much does this certificate cost?

You can review anticipated costs associated with the program by consulting the tuition and fee table. Students in the certificate program pay instructional fees, general fees, distance learning fees, and nursing distance learning fees each term of enrollment. Full-time employees at Ohio State may be eligible for tuition assistance, which can aid in the costs of this certificate.

Are there additional fees?

Yes, additional fees include the $100 distance learning fee and a non-resident fee for students living outside Ohio. There is also a one-time $60 application fee. Please visit Ohio State online for more information on the cost of this certificate. 

I am interested in applying to the RN to BSN program. Will this credit apply towards my degree?

Yes. Up to 50% of your certificate coursework can apply to the RN to BSN program.

Can I use these courses to apply for recertification for CCCTM or Ambulatory Care certification?

Yes. You can learn more about the recertification process on the CCTM website and Ambulatory Care website

Is this a fully online program?

Yes. The courses in this certificate are offered in synchronous and asynchronous format. All class attendance and course requirements may be completed online.

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