aBSN Curriculum

This innovative curriculum was built to prepare the next generation of nurses with the tools they will need to be successful. Nursing is evolving at a rapid pace and nurses need to be ready to navigate this new landscape of healthcare. The curriculum will provide students with the best preparation for delivering quality and safe patient care. Curriculum for the aBSN program will take place over the course of five consecutive semesters.

The aBSN program is delivered both online and in-person for classroom learning. Clinical experiences will be in-person. Both in-person requirements and clinical / lab will typically occur once per week each. Students will receive credit for general education courses so the schedule will consist primarily of nursing courses. Students should plan 2-3 days per week dedicated to the coursework in the program. 

View a sample schedule here. Note that this schedule is a sample and therefore tentative and the sequence of coursework may change based on a number of different factors. The sample schedule does not provide a list of prerequisite courses required for admission into the aBSN program. Required prerequisite coursework can be found on the aBSN admissions page.

Course Name Credit Hours
Semester 1 (summer)  
N2105 Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice 2
N2451 Nursing Pathophysiology and Pharmacology I 3
N3275 Adult Nursing I 7
N5115 Mindstrong 1
Total 13
Semester 2 (autumn)  
N2782 Foundational Principles of Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Science 2
N3276 Adult Nursing II 6
N2452 Nursing Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II 3
N2420 A Nursing Perspective: Life Span Development of Individuals Within a Family Context 3
Total 14
Semester 3 (spring)  
N4341 Nursing Clinical Judgement in the Care of Psychiatric and Mental Health Conditions 4
N4240s Concepts in Community Health Nursing 4
N3430 Cultural Competence in Health Care: US and Global Contexts 3
Total 11
Semester 4 (summer)  
N3260 Nursing Care of Children & Their Families 4
N3280 Nursing Care of Women and Families During Reproductive Transitions 4
N4401 Innovative Strategies in Leadership and Systems-based Practice 2
Total 10
Semester 5 (autumn)  
N4590 Practicum for the Utilization of Nursing Clinical Judgement 6
N4402 Synthesis of Nursing Practice and Patient Care in Complex Healthcare Systems 2
N4525 Quality, Safety and Informatics 3
Total 11
Total Credits 59