The Office of Research

We're taking knowledge gained through research as far as we possibly can. Because lives depend on it.

The Ohio State University College of Nursing understands the essential role research plays in improving the quality of healthcare and population outcomes, that’s why research is one of our top priorities. Our objective is clear. The Office of Research exists to provide the comprehensive support required to advance all research activity within the College of Nursing. Our resources are available to both faculty and students and our work is multi-dimensional — from assistance with all aspects of grant writing to facilitating collaborative ventures with healthcare-related business and industry. In addition, the Office of Research is home to two wet laboratories available for use by university faculty across all colleges.

Our mission

The Office of Research’s mission is to enable excellence in research and innovation in the College of Nursing by providing individualized support and resources across the research continuum. We strive to facilitate partnerships and collaborations between researchers, government, and industry. By empowering the College's community, maximizing the pursuit of research funding, and advancing healthcare knowledge, we contribute to the transformation of health and healthcare.

Susie Breitenstein
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

Message from the Associate Dean for Research and Innovation

At the Ohio State College of Nursing, we are dedicated to research excellence and advancing science in health promotion, disease prevention and the optimal management of chronic and complex conditions across the life span. Our faculty is an active community of diverse scientists specializing in clinical, social-behavior, and biological sciences with expertise in a wide range of research methods and specialty areas. Our college has two research centers and two research collaboratives that bring together researchers to address the most challenging issues facing the health and wellbeing of our society.

The College of Nursing ranked 10th in NIH funding among colleges of nursing in 2022 and garnered over $15 million total in external research and development grant funds in fiscal year 2022.

Grant support

The College of Nursing supports a Grants Management Team that provides financial leadership and direction for budget oversight of federal, state and private research applications. Under the guidance of the Associate Dean for Research, the Grants Management Team assists investigators in pre- and post-award activities work with college faculty and students in budget development and management according to university, state, federal and private research requirements. The team effectively collaborates with the university’s Office of Sponsored Programs assuring that applications are submitted in a timely fashion.

Grant Process Overview 

We offer a wide array of comprehensive services to assist our researchers before, during, and after the grant award process. Through our integrated approach, we empower researchers to maximize the impact of their grant-funded projects. Provided below is a brief outline detailing our specific services. 


The pre-award proposal process can often be challenging and time-consuming, but our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring its smooth progression. Our pre-award services encompass a range of support activities provided to faculty members before submitting their grant applications. Services include assisting with creating budgets, managing sub-award agreements and budgets, ensuring all necessary documentation is prepared for submission to the appropriate funding sources, and conducting mock reviews to provide valuable feedback. As an added benefit, our contracts team plays an integral role in ensuring compliance with legal requirements and  navigating the regulatory aspects of the grant application process. 


We provide comprehensive post-award services to our faculty and scholars to support them after they successfully secure funding. These services include managing the financial aspects of the grant, such as effort management, tracking expenses and ensuring compliance with the funding agency's guidelines, assisting with progress reporting, and fulfilling any other reporting requirements specified by the grant agreement. Additionally, we offer guidance on effective project management, helping faculty members stay on track and achieve the desired outcomes outlined in their grant proposals. Our research regulatory coordinator assists with submissions and amendments to the Institutional Review Boards, assists with submissions, and ensures regulatory compliance. Overall, our post-grant award services are designed to facilitate the successful execution and completion of funded projects, ultimately maximizing the impact of the grant funding for our faculty members and contributing to their continued research success.

 Grant Support Team

Lab services 

Our lab services for grants provide a wide range of support to faculty members pursuing scientific research funding. Our labs are fully equipped to perform a wide variety of molecular biology, protein biology, tissue culture/simulation and microbiology techniques.

Research laboratories:

Statistical services  

We provide comprehensive statistical support throughout the research process, from study design to data collection and analysis and value helping our researchers make evidence-based conclusions that contribute to advancing knowledge in healthcare and beyond. By utilizing our statistical services, faculty members can enhance the rigor and validity of their research projects, ultimately increasing the impact and significance of their findings.


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