Undergraduate Advising

As a student currently enrolled in one of our programs, you can schedule an appointment with your advisor by calling the Office of Student Affairs and Success front desk at 614-292-4041.

Academic advisors in the College of Nursing direct course scheduling for individual students and serve as a vital connection between the student and university resources and information. Academic advisors help students with:

  • An academic major
  • General education curriculum
  • Degree options
  • Academic remediation
  • Out-of-class activities
  • Career services
  • Study abroad options
  • Non-academic support services

Academic advisors are experts at explaining how things work at the university, including policies and procedures about registrations, financial aid, petitions and appeals and graduation. They can be trusted to provide all of this accurately, confidentially and timely. Knowing you as an individual allows the academic advisor to consider your skills, abilities and interests in making these decisions. In this important role, the advisor encourages you to assume responsibility for your education by helping you develop planning, problem-solving and decision-making skills. You can log in to your Buckeyelink account to view your assigned advisor’s name and contact information.

Peer advisors are current BSN students who have been trained by the Office of Student Affairs and Success staff to work with pre-nursing and BSN students. They can assist students with many scheduling related questions including:

  • How to schedule classes using Buckeyelink
  • How to search for General Education Courses
  • How to read their degree audit and utilize the information to work toward degree requirements
  • General questions regarding BSN coursework and scheduling

Please note when calling for an appointment, students may be scheduled with a peer advisor.


Meet the Advising Team

During your undergraduate experience, your advisor is here to answer questions, connect you with resources, and help you make the most of your time at Ohio State. Get to know them below!

Gina Taff
College Registrar

I have been with the College of Nursing for over five years. I love the community, school spirit and staff support. I would like to encourage all of my undergraduate students to get involved outside of the classroom and become a well-rounded Buckeye.

I have been with the college as an advisor since January 2019. My favorite part about working at Ohio State is seeing how much pride students, faculty and staff have about studying and working at the university. It is exciting to see people who are proud to be a Buckeye and proud member of the university community. One piece of advice I would give to current students is to make sure you get involved and get to know your campus. Having a community surrounding you can help make college seem smaller and help provide a support system at Ohio State, your home away from home.

I’ve been with the College of Nursing for four years. My favorite thing about working at Ohio State is how proud our students are to go to Ohio State. Talking with students that are excited about their future is one of the most inspiring and rewarding things I can do in a workday. My best piece of advice would be that it’s okay to not know everything and to have questions about navigating the university environment. Learning how to ask for help is one of the most important skills you will develop during your college experience.

Lindsey Lee
RN to BSN and Pre-Nursing Academic Advisor

My favorite thing about working at Ohio State is working with such inspirational students along with phenomenal faculty and staff. I’ve been an advisor for over three years, so my best piece of advice for our students would be to work hard in your classes and enjoy the experience. Don’t be afraid to learn new and different things or join clubs that are different from what you were in during your high school experience. College can be a difficult transition but have faith that you are resilient enough and will come out of it a more confident person.

Nicole Fette
Director of Student Services

I’ve been with the College of Nursing since 2007, and my favorite part has always been the students. I enjoy helping students and cheering them on as they work to accomplish their academic goals. I love hearing their stories. I always tell our students to be open to new ideas and take advantage of the opportunities at Ohio State. A new opportunity can help introduce you to a whole new world.

Meet our Peer Advisor

Taylor Schwein
Peer Advisor

My name is Taylor Schwein and I am fourth-year student in the BSN Honors Program. I am originally from Mansfield, OH but have loved every second of living in Columbus the last three years! I have worked with pre-nursing students for the past year as a MINDSTRONG instructor, and I’m so excited to spend even more time with a wider variety of students this year. As a Peer Advisor, I am most looking forward to getting to know students better, helping them figure out how to navigate their time at Ohio State in this new virtual environment and supporting them the best I can!