Undergraduate Advising

For students currently enrolled in one of the below programs, you can schedule an appointment with your advisor by calling the Office of Student Affairs, Equity and Inclusion front desk at 614-292-4041.

Academic advisors in the College of Nursing direct course scheduling for individual students and serve as a vital connection between the student and university resources and information. Academic advisors help students connect to:

  • An academic major
  • General education curriculum
  • Degree options
  • Academic remediation
  • Out-of-class activities
  • Career services
  • Study abroad options
  • Non-academic support services

In addition, academic advisors are experts at explaining how things work at the university, including policies and procedures with regard to registrations, financial aid, petitions and appeals and graduation. They can be trusted to provide all of this with accuracy, in confidence, and at the right time. Knowing the student as an individual allows the academic advisor to consider the student’s skills, abilities and interests. In this important role, the advisor encourages students to assume responsibility for their education by helping them develop planning, problem-solving and decision-making skills. Log onto your Buckeyelink account to view the name and contact information of your assigned advisor.

Peer advisors are current BSN students who have been trained by the Office of Student Affairs, Equity and Inclusion staff. They work with our pre-nursing and BSN students. Please note when calling for an appointment, students may be scheduled with a peer advisor. Peer advisors are able to assist students with many scheduling related questions including:

  • How to schedule classes using Buckeyelink
  • How to search for General Education Courses
  • How to read their degree audit and utilize the information to work toward degree requirements
  • General questions regarding BSN coursework and scheduling

Madelyn Mann and Colleen Martucci have been selected as Peer Advisors for the 2018-2019 and the 2019-2020 academic years. Maddie is from Wadsworth, Ohio, which is a small town outside of Akron. Initially, she found the transition to living on campus in a bigger city to be challenging. Maddie has grown to embrace Ohio State through walking around on campus, as she enjoys seeing the different buildings, people and beauty the campus has to offer. She hopes one day to earn her doctorate degree and become a pediatric or neonatal nurse practitioner. Colleen is from Chicago, Illinois. Her favorite thing about being a nursing student is participating in clinical and applying the knowledge she learned in the classroom to real-life situations. Colleen is also a triplet and has two brothers, Nicholas and Evan.