Resolving Transfer Credit


New students entering The Ohio State University with credit earned from an accredited institution will be awarded transfer credit for directly equivalent Ohio State courses. Non-equivalent coursework will be assigned general or special credit and will need further evaluation by Ohio State academic departments. The following steps will help guide you through the evaluation process for General or Special credit.


Step one: Review email notifications or the Transfer Credit Report.
RN to BSN applicant:

You will be notified by email if further evaluation of credit for prerequisite coursework is needed. This notification will be sent by the academic advisor upon review of the RN to BSN application. The notification will provide personalized information of prerequisite courses needing further evaluation and what academic department you are required to contact to complete the evaluation process. You will receive further instructions during the mandatory online orientation if general education courses need further evaluation.

Pre-nursing or HWIH transfer students:

Transfer students entering the pre-nursing or HWIH option will receive a Transfer Credit Report. The academic advising team will review the results of the Transfer Credit Report during Transfer Orientation. If further evaluation of credit is needed, students will be instructed to follow the steps outlined below. The evaluation of transfer credit can occur after orientation.


Step two: Explore web resources.

Upon receiving notification, the next step in resolving General credit is to become familiar with the Transfer Credit Coordinator website. In addition to the name and contact information for the Transfer Credit Coordinator(s), this page provides submission instructions for each department. A large majority of academic departments require students to submit a course syllabus as part of the transfer credit evaluation process.

Next, you will need to search for the Transfer Credit Coordinator assigned to the department conducting the evaluation of credit. The Transfer Credit Coordinator website provides a list of departments, organized alphabetically. RN to BSN applicants should refer to the email notification sent by the academic advisor to know which department they should contact. Transfer students entering pre-nursing will be informed by the advising team during orientation as to what department they should contact for the review of credit.


Step three: Contact the academic department.

Once you locate the appropriate academic department, you will need to review the instructions provided beneath the name and contact information of the Transfer Credit Coordinator. Each department may have different submission instructions. Be sure to submit the required materials according to the instructions. When communicating with Transfer Credit Coordinators please use your Ohio State email address. You will repeat this step if you have multiple courses in need of evaluation.

Note: Students who have completed an anatomy course with a full human cadaver should contact the Anatomy department while students without cadaver experience should request an evaluation of credit from the Evolution, Ecology and Organizational Biology (EEOB) department.


Step four: Await notification from departments.

The evaluation process may take several weeks. Once you receive notification from the academic department please contact your assigned academic advisor with results.


Securing your course syllabi:

In order to resolve General or Special credit, academic departments may require students to submit course syllabi. Students will need to contact the registrar’s office at the institution where the course was completed and request a copy of the course syllabus. When requesting a copy of a course syllabus, be specific and provide the term and year the course was completed. Most departments at Ohio State will require you to obtain a syllabus within a semester of when you took the course.

RN to BSN and transfer students into the pre-nursing option or HWIH program can refer to their transcript or Transfer Credit Report for the term information.