Vision, Mission, Goals, Values

Our vision

The world’s leader in thinking and achieving the impossible to transform health and improve lives.


Our mission

We exist to dream, discover and deliver a healthier world.


Our core goals

  1. Produce the highest caliber of nurses, leaders, researchers and health professionals who LIVE WELL (Lead, Innovate, Vision, Execute, and are Wellness Focused, Evidence-based, Life Long Learners, and Lights for the World, making a local to global impact) and are equipped to effectively promote wellness, impact policy, and improve health outcomes across multiple settings with diverse individuals, groups and communities.
  2. Sustain innovative high quality educational programs that epitomize student-centered interprofessional learning, which yield exceptional diverse graduates across all levels as evidenced by:
    • pass rates on NCLEX above 95%;
    • advanced practice nursing certification exam pass rates above 95%; and
    • U.S. News & World Report Rankings in the top five.
  3. Increase sponsored award dollars by at least 15% each year to move to the top 10 in NIH funding for colleges of nursing by conducting innovative transdisciplinary research that leads to the discovery and testing of interventions that improve the health and wellness of diverse populations across the life-span.
  4. Empower faculty, staff, students and alumni to achieve their highest career aspirations by enhancing an institutional culture that supports dreaming, discovering and delivering, and an inclusive environment that embraces respect, diversity, positivity, civility and wellness.
  5. Strengthen our partnerships, locally to globally, to improve the health and wellness of people throughout the university, community, state, nation and world.
  6. Improve the health outcomes of diverse populations, which also accommodates growing enrollment in the College of Nursing’s nurse practitioner (NP) programs, by increasing the number of nurse practitioner practices or expanding current practices by at least one each year.
  7. Ensure financial security for the College of Nursing and additional funding for expanded high quality space and key strategic initiatives.
  8. Increase student and alumni engagement in the College of Nursing’s strategic initiatives.
  9. Enhance healthcare quality, health outcomes and academic programming through the Helene Fuld Health Trust National Institute for Evidence-based Practice.
  10. Differentiate the College of Nursing as a national and international leader in:
    • interprofessional education,
    • intervention and translational research,
    • evidence-based practice,
    • wellness,
    • innovation and entrepreneurship,
    • community engagement, and
    • global impact.


Our core values

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration and authenticity
  • Curiosity and intellectual rigor
  • Integrity and personal accountability
  • Openness, trust, respect and civility
  • Innovation and change
  • Diversity in people and ideas
  • Equity, inclusion and social justice
  • Empathy and compassion
  • Personal and professional wellness
  • Transformational leadership
  • Positivity
  • Healthy discourse