Incoming Student Compliance Requirement Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Documentation

How do I submit my medical compliance requirements?

All medical documentation should be submitted to the Wilce Student Health Services via MyBuckMD. Incoming students may use this form or upload any documentation they have.

I submitted my medical compliance requirements several days ago, but I received an email that I am non-compliant for that requirement. Is something wrong?

Most likely, no. Compliance documentation submitted to Wilce can take up to two weeks at times of heavy volume to be processed. Our system updates from Wilce each day with recent submissions. It is possible that your documentation has not yet been processed by Wilce.

My Hepatitis B titer came back negative, can I still attend clinical?

Yes. When a Hepatitis B titer comes back negative you will need to repeat the vaccination series and an additional titer. As long as you have informed Wilce of your status and complete the series in the timeframe required, you will be considered temporarily compliant during this time. You will become non-compliant if you do not follow the timeline required by Wilce.

What is a 2-step TB (PPD) Test?
  • A 2-step PPD involves getting two 1-step skin tests done in rapid succession, usually about a week apart. The second test will give a more accurate result, based on a "boosting" of the body's response.
  • 1-step skin test - also known as a PPD. This is a two-stage process. In the first stage 0.1 mL of purified protein derivative (PPD) is injected into the top layers of skin of the forearm (PPD Give). In the second stage, 48-72 hours after the PPD Give, a certified healthcare professional will evaluate the area by noting the amount of swelling (PPD Read). It is very important that the PPD Read occur within the time frame of 48-72 hours after the PPD Give. PPDs that are read outside of this timeframe are considered invalid and will not meet the TB requirements of your health professional college.
What information needs to be on my TB documentation?

Student Health Services needs all four parts of the TB skin test in order to enter your PPD for compliance. This includes the placement date, read date, induration (mm) and the overall result (positive or negative). Submissions with less than complete information regarding the TB test will be rejected until the proper documentation is received.

Please note: if using OSUWMC or Employee Health to update your TB compliance status, you will need to submit the completed TB surveillance form in addition to the basic immunization history printout to achieve full compliance.

What if I can't get a vaccination for a medical reason?

You must submit a signed note or letter from a medical provider (MD, DO, CNP, PA) with a brief explanation of why you cannot receive the vaccination. The letter or note must then be submitted to the Wilce Student Health Center via MyBuckMD for processing.

For further questions regarding medical documentation or vaccination requirements, please contact the Wilce Student Health Center via email.

Drug Screening

How do I obtain a drug screen?
  • On campus or local students requiring a drug screen should make an appointment at the Wilce Student Health Center via MyBuckMD.
    Please bring prescriptions of all medications/supplements currently being taken in the case of a false positive result.
  • Drug screens will only be paid for by the College of Nursing if completed at the Wilce Student Health Center.
  • If you are a distance student that requires a drug screen please follow these directions to be sure you are being screened for the correct substances.
If I am on prescribed medications should I bring the medications to my drug screening appointment?

Yes, please bring prescriptions of all medications/supplements currently being taken to your drug screen appointment.

Background Checks

Can I submit a background check that I completed previously?

We are not able to accept background checks from previous schools, programs or employers, even if they are associated with OSUMC.

Are both BCI and FBI Background checks required?

Yes, we require both BCI and FBI Background checks. BCI and FBI results can come in at different times, and this does not necessarily indicate an issue. These are two separate processes and successful completion and receipt of one, does not indicate the status of the other. You will only be marked compliant once both the BCI and FBI results are received and cleared.

I am an online student, who should my background check results be sent to?

Background check results must be sent from the Attorney General’s office directly to OSU HR. Click here for instructions.

CPR Certification

What CPR training do you accept?

We only accept BLS Provider or ACLS Provider from the American Heart Association. We cannot accept BLS or ACLS from the American Red Cross, or other American Heart Association first aid or CPR courses.

How often does CPR have to be renewed?

CPR must be renewed every two years. Your expiration date should be printed on your certification card.

How do I submit CPR?
  • Upload a PDF of your CPR card via our Qualtrics survey.
  • When you renew your card, simply re-upload a PDF of your new card to this same link.
Where can I find a BLS or ACLS class?

Click here to find a BLS or ACLS course in your area

RN License

I am renewing my license, do I have to re-upload a license summary if I already uploaded one previously?

Yes, each time you update, renew or change your license in any way you must upload a license summary. We will not automatically update your license expiration.

I am an online student doing a clinical in another state. Do I need to be licensed in Ohio?

No, you only need to be licensed in the state where you will be doing your clinicals.

I am a Graduate Entry student, do I have to submit my license?

Graduate Entry students must submit their license in the second half of the program once they have successfully completed the NCLEX.

I am an RN to BSN student, do I need my license upon entry to the program?

No, however you are required to have your nursing license completed and updated with the College of Nursing prior to beginning NRSADVN 4240.


I completed the HIPAA training last year, but there's not a new one in my transcript for me to renew it, what should I do?

If you completed HIPAA last year before July and you don't see one in your transcript, please contact

If you completed HIPAA last year in July or after, a new version of the HIPAA training is released in July and will be assigned to your transcript at that time.


I am a newly admitted student, why can't I find any of the trainings to complete the CBL/IHIS requirements?

The College of Nursing initiates the process to create med center accounts and IHIS access. Upon completion, you will receive your med center ID via email. This med center account triggers association with BuckeyeLearn and it allows you to search for the necessary CBL/IHIS trainings. Please wait until you receive confirmation that your med center account has been created before attempting to search for the trainings.

If you have your med center ID and the search doesn’t yield results, please contact

I completed a training last year, but when I try to do it again, it does not update the completion date. How do I fix this?

In order to update the completion date properly, please choose 'Request' from the training options. Please see the screenshot below for reference:

screenshot of drop down menu option to request certificate completion

How do I find the IHIS trainings?

All of the IHIS trainings are bundled into a single training titled 'New IHIS Nurse: Nursing Student and Instructor'. Please search and register for the bundled training.