Nurse Educator

From the desk of the Nurse Educator

Hello students! My role in this program is to provide you with our philosophy in nursing, current trends in nursing, guidance on your education as you move through the program, career development and information on student health and wellness. I want you to feel supported in your transition to practice while you are in school. Each semester, you will receive an email newsletter from me with highlights in the above areas. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss education guidance or career development. Enjoy and I hope to hear from you soon!

We have high aspirations for our students as healthcare professionals. We support them in pursuing their personal and professional success through a simple philosophy: LIVE WELL.

LIVE WELL reflects the values we share in helping prepare our students for a lifetime of transforming health and improving lives. Each letter is significant and intentional in this philosophy.

Learn more about our LIVE WELL philosophy.

Professional development

Our Path2BSN website houses current webinars and professional webinars from the Path2BSN Nurse Educator.

This fall there will be a webinar on a “hot topic” in nursing. Stay tuned for dates and topics posted on the Path2BSN website.

Watch the past webinars below to broaden your knowledge and develop more confidence.

Clinician Well-being 


 Professional Development


Current trends

Based on data and perspective from leading nursing organizations studied by Carson-Newman University, we are tracking trends in nursing that might become prominent in 2021 and beyond, including:

  • Increased enrollment in online education programs
  • Greater demand for family nurse practitioners
  • Unprecedented employment opportunities for nurses
  • Potential increases for nurse salaries
  • Pursuit of higher education degrees
  • The Nurse Licensure Compact and what it means for nurse mobility
  • Need for bilingual nurses
  • More specialization
  • More men in nursing
  • Focus on holistic care
  • Technology
  • Health informatics in the mainstream
  • Nurse faculty opportunities

Reasons to contact the Nurse Educator

Nurse educators serve as advisors and mentors to the next generation of nurses as they transition into the world. What are some reasons that you should contact the Path2BSN Nurse Educator for a one-on-one appointment?

  • The nurse educator has experience in many areas of nursing and can offer insight into desired roles and fields for students.
  • The nurse educator can assist students in developing a personalized nursing career pathway.
  • The nurse educator can provide information on professional development and career service offerings.
  • The nurse educator can provide resources to students if needed to help transition into the nursing role upon graduation.

Career development

As you pursue your BSN, The Ohio State University College of Nursing also offers certificate programs that could further enhance your career development and opportunities. Certificate study areas include school nurse, nurse educator, interprofessional healthcare, healthcare leadership and innovation, nurse coaching, primary care and health and wellness coaching.

Explore your options for certificate programs.

Student wellness

At The Ohio State University, we value and prioritize student wellness and self-care. Self-care is not selfish, and we seek to empower and support students to pursue balance to lead a healthy, happy life. Access our Student Wellness Center to learn about its services, events, outreach and how to get involved.