MCR Tuition

MCR Tuition and Fees

You will pay tuition and fees each semester you are enrolled in the program, based on the number of credit hours you are completing. 

We know that program cost is a crucial consideration and have estimates to share with you. Please be aware that, while the included figures are based on the most accurate information available, they are estimates only and are subject to change at any time. These estimates may not apply to individual students with unique educational paths. Our goal is to provide a snapshot of what you may be able to expect. 

Current tuition and fee estimates can be found in detail on our partner website Ohio State Online.

Exact amounts of current tuition and fees can be found in detail on Ohio State’s Registrar website


Financial Aid and Scholarships

Should you have any specific questions regarding cost and financial counsel, please reach out to the Student Financial Aid Office for assistance.

Scholarships offered through the College of Nursing are made available for application each spring semester. Thanks in large part to generous private donors, the College of Nursing has a number of scholarships available. Continuing students are invited to submit the scholarship application to be considered for need-based and/or merit-based scholarships. These funds are limited and preference is given to full-time students who are continuously enrolled.

Emily Rice
Emily Rice, graduate

“I learned how to interact with patients from an ethics and safety perspective, as well as how to make sure that research is compliant with domestic and international regulations. You can learn a lot while working in the field, but you won’t learn it to the extent that the MCR program will teach you.”