BSN to DNP Curriculum

The DNP course of study requires a minimum of 72 credit hours at the post-baccalaureate level. Most specialties require more than the minimum number of credits to complete the program. Courses can be categorized into five major components:

  1. DNP core courses
  2. Graduate specialty courses and clinical experiences
  3. Supporting electives
  4. Clinical immersion experiences
  5. Final scholarly project

Please click the link to view sample plans of study for our available specialty options: BSN to DNP.

DNP professional examination

As a student in a professional doctoral program, The Ohio State University requires you to take a written examination prior to beginning your immersion experiences. This examination will evaluate your knowledge of the content included in the DNP core courses. The professional examination occurs in the year prior to your final year of study in the program.

Master of Science comprehensive examination

As a student in the BSN to DNP program, you will be required to complete a written examination at the conclusion of your specialty coursework in year three of the program. This examination is designed to test your knowledge in your designated specialty area and must be successfully completed to earn your master’s degree, and ultimately become eligible to sit for specialty certification.

DNP clinical hours

As a post-baccalaureate DNP student, a minimum of 1000 clinical hours must be completed over the course of the BSN to DNP option – at least 500 of those hours will be completed through your specialty coursework and 500 hours will be required for your DNP degree. Clinical hour requirements toward the DNP degree can be completed at your place of employment, with approval from your advisor and employer.

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