H&W Minor FAQs

Who do I contact with questions?

For questions about adding the minor or the minor coursework, please contact our academic advisor Hillary Stanley. For questions about certification, coaching sessions, or Practical Skills Assessments please contact Program Directors Kate Gawlik or Megan Amaya.

Are transfer and EM credit hours allowed?

A student is permitted to count up to six total hours of transfer credit and/or credit by examination.

Can you overlap with the General Education courses?

A student is permitted to overlap up to six credit hours between the GE and the minors.

Can you overlap with the major and additional minor(s)?

The minor must be in a different subject than the major. The minor must contain a minimum of 12 hours distinct from the major and/or additional minor(s).

Contact us

Email: nursing@osu.edu

Olivia Webster
Olivia Webster

“Most of the classes highlight the mind-body connection and preach about stress management and emotional wellbeing. I feel like that really set me up for a meaningful career in mental health.”