Megan Amaya

Megan Amaya
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Associate Clinical Professor
Director, Health Promotion and Wellness
148 Newton Hall
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295 W. 10th Ave.
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Megan Amaya, PhD, CHES, NBC-HWC is Associate Clinical Professor and Director of Health Promotion and Wellness at The Ohio State University College of Nursing. She leads a team that implements wellness strategy, programs and services for university students, faculty, staff and the state of Ohio community. Megan is co-director of the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness undergraduate program. She teaches courses in the program, including evidence-based practice and self-care approaches. Megan is principle investigator on multiple health and wellness research projects.

Megan currently serves as President-Elect for the National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities and member of several university and College of Nursing committees. She is a certified health education specialist and board-certified health and wellness coach.


May 08, 2024

New data finds stress, anxiety and depression spike for those feeling the weight of a “culture of achievement”

Is the status of “perfect parent” attainable?

Researchers leading a national dialogue about parental burnout from The Ohio State University College of Nursing and the university’s Office of the Chief Wellness Officer say “no,” and a new study finds that pressure to try to be “perfect” leads to unhealthy impacts on both parents and their children.

April 30, 2024

Groundbreaking study provides a promising solution for preventing a major complication of pregnancy

According to the World Health Organization, more than 15 million babies are born preterm every year. More than one million of those babies lose their lives. Methods to predict risk for and prevent preterm birth are few and far between.