A Guide to Amish Society

Nursing Contact Hours: 12.34 
Cost: $200
Registration: Ongoing (This is a self-paced online course)

The School of Environment and Natural Resources has partnered with the College of Nursing to offer a nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) course focused on the Amish. The Amish are a small, religious-based and rural-located sect of Christianity who have established communities across the rural landscapes of the United States and Canada. While the Amish are known for a slower pace of life, their population is growing at nearly two times the rate of the mainstream North American population. The continued growth and spread of Amish communities make understanding this unique subculture especially important for health professionals serving in rural hospitals or even trauma centers located in nearby city centers.  

What you will learn

Built to complement the Nursing Cultural Competency requirements for Continuing Education (CE), the online, self-paced course provides an overview of the history and logic behind the cultural practices and preferred religious lifestyle of Amish society with special interest given to medical and wellness topics. 

The course includes six units that examine the Amish origins in Europe, the religious basis for Amish beliefs and cultural practices, Amish medical and wellness practices and common accidents and injuries experienced in Amish communities. 

While this course was created with nurses in mind, the collaborators recognize that a course on the Amish is of great importance to any professional working with this population. With this in mind, two versions of the course are available. "A Guide to Amish Society", is open to all non-nurse professionals and will provide a document of completion to all enrolled students who meet course requirements. "A Guide to Amish Society: Continuing Education for Nurses", is only open to licensed nurses and will award 12.34 nursing contact hours to all enrolled students who meet course requirements. Both courses are identical in content and only differ in the document issued at the completion of the course.

Who you will learn from 

Dr. Joseph Donnermeyer is the instructor for both courses. Dr. Donnermeyer is a professor emeritus in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at Ohio State.

Nursing CE contact

For questions on the program, please email Kylienne Shaul.