Applying to Graduate

Undergraduate Students

College of Nursing undergraduate students are required to meet the graduation requirements set by the university. While students work to complete the degree requirements of an undergraduate major, they can apply to graduate. Undergraduates may apply to graduate one term after entering a major, but no later than the tenth Friday of the semester they plan to graduate. If your intended graduation date changes once you apply to graduate, you will need to submit a new application to graduate to reflect the corrected graduation date. To apply to graduate, click here.

Graduate Students

College of Nursing graduate students are required to meet the graduation requirements set by The Ohio State University Graduate School. The Graduate School sets the deadline for the application to graduate. Although the College of Nursing cannot extend this deadline, we do shorten it by one week due to the time required to process documents.

Students may apply up to one semester prior to the term in which they will graduate, but no later than the second Friday of the semester in which they plan to graduate.

How to Apply to Graduate
How to Check the Status of your Application

This is not applicable to the Post-Master’s option.

  1. Log into Grad Forms.
  2. Select “Search Forms” and then click the blue “Apply Filters” button.
  3. Locate the form on the auto-generated list. You can determine the status by looking at the “Approval Status” column.
    • Pending: Your program or advisor still needs to act on the form, or the Graduate School has received the form by the deadline.
    • Pending GS: The College of Nursing has processed and approved all documentation required for graduation. The approval from the Graduate School is still pending.
    • Approved: The form has been approved by the Graduate School (this will occur after the deadline).
  4. Check the “History.” 
    • Click the white “View” button in the far right column.
    • Then click the “View Application to Graduate” button that pops up. When the form shows on your computer screen, you will see five tabs: Student Information, Form Name, History, Remarks and Comments.
    • Click on the “History” tab to see who has or has not acted on the form or the “Comments” tab to see if there are any issues noted. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your advisor prior to the deadline if they need to approve the form.
How to Cancel your Application to Graduate
  1. Log into Grad Forms.
  2. Select “Search Forms”, then click the blue “Apply Filters” button.  When the results from the search show up on your screen, scroll down the list and locate your application.
  3. Go to the far right column and click “View” and then click the “View Application to Graduate” button.  When your application comes on screen, click the blue “Actions” button and select “Cancel Application.”
Graduation Requirements

Prior to applying to graduate, please review the requirements set for doctoral and master level students: