Reactivation/Reinstatement Checklist

The information below may serve as a guide as you consider reactivation or reinstatement into the College of Nursing. The steps below outline the re-entry process into an undergraduate program offered by the college. The initial step of the process starts with the submission of a petition for approval to enroll in classes. Our office will communicate the decision of the faculty committee and will provide assistance to you as you move throughout the re-entry process.

  1. Submit the reactivation or reinstatement petition for approval by faculty.
  2. Once a decision is made, a member of the Office of Student Affairs and Success will contact you via email. If your petition is approved, you will be responsible for completing the following items:
    • Ensure all holds have been removed from your BuckeyeLink account.
      To view and remedy holds please visit the Registrar website.
    • Activate and use OSU.EDU email
      OSU.EDU is the official mode of communication between faculty, students and staff.
    • Review university deadlines
      The list of university deadlines will help you navigate processes such as course registration, tuition and fee payments, and other university procedures.
    • Run a Degree Audit Report
      This document will outline the degree requirements you must meet in order to graduate
    • Resolve Transfer Credit
    • Verify Compliance Status
      The undergraduate programs require students to be compliant for program compliance requirements. Your personalized compliance report will be available to you upon enrolling in classes. Please visit The Beacon for more information.
  3. Course Enrollment
    You must enroll in classes 3-5 business days after you have received your decision for your petition. Please enroll in classes outlined in your personalized Curriculum Plan.
  4. NCLEX Preparation Software
    Students returning to the BSN major, should email Gina Taff regarding the NCLEX preparation software. Depending on your time away and what course work you will be returning to, your package information may need to be updated or alternative software may need to be purchased.