Stress Science

The Stress Science Laboratory (SSL) was established in the Fall 2016 and is housed within the College of Nursing Research Laboratory. The SSL is comprised of faculty and students whose research includes a focus on the relationships between physiological stress and health and well-being as well as methodological research to advance the validity and reliability of stress biomarkers. The SSL also provides methodological and laboratory training and consultation in stress science research in group workshops and one-on-one sessions; a small seed grant program for College of Nursing researchers to support pilot research using stress biomarkers; and networking opportunities to enhance research collaboration. Please contact us for general questions about the SSL and the individual faculty affiliate for specific questions about their research.



Training Workshop


Hair Cortisol (duplicates), blunt cut


Hair Cortisol (duplicates), thinning shears


Hair Cortisol (triplicate), blunt cut


Hair Cortisol (triplicate), thinning shears


Salivary Cortisol