Tuition and Fees

All information is subject to change without notice.

Tuition and fees in the College of Nursing are based on specific programs, campus of enrollment and the number of registered credit hours. For a complete listing of university tuition and fees by program level and credit hour, please visit the Registrar’s fee tables online.

For students participating in an on-campus program the tuition and fees structure is different for in-state versus out-of-state students. For information about gaining in-state residency for a campus-based program, please visit the Registrar’s residency guidelines webpage for details.

For students enrolled in an exclusive distance learning program, please visit Ohio State Online.

Pre-Nursing and Pre-HWIH Tuition and Fees

Pre-Nursing and Pre-HWIH students should refer to the Columbus Campus Undergraduate fee table. Pre-Nursing students enrolled at a regional campus should refer to the Regional Campus Undergraduate fee table.

BSN and HWIH Tuition and Fees

Student enrolled in the BSN or HWIH program should refer to the Columbus Campus Undergraduate - Nursing (NUR) fee table.

RN to BSN Tuition and Fees

Student enrolled in the RN to BSN program should refer to the Columbus Campus Undergraduate - Nursing (NUR) fee table. All fees will be paid with the exception of the on campus student fee. An additional Distance Learning fee may also apply. Visit to learn more about how tuition and fees are calculated for this program.

Graduate Tuition and Fees

All graduate nursing students should refer to the Graduate - Nursing fee table. For students admitted to our distance learning based programs, please visit this link to learn how your tuition and fees are calculated. Students admitted to the Master of Science in Nursing, PhD in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs will be required to pay a tuition deposit of $250 with the submission of their acceptance of their offer of admission. This tuition deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the student's tuition and fees during their first term of enrollment.

Certificate Tuition and Fees

The Nursing fee is waived for students enrolled in our certificate programs. We do impose a fee for the College of Nursing technology fee. Students enrolled only in one of our certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid.


Books, supplies and other expenses

The cost of books and technology requirements varies by program and course enrollment. Travel costs for clinical sites vary by site and program as well; some sites are outside of Central Ohio. Additional estimated expenses for students are included below by program. 

All students: 

BSN, Traditional Master's and Graduate Entry students

Clinical compliance expenses (for newly enrolled students)

Immunizations:  $0 - 650 (estimate) dependent on individual student's medical history/immunization records Drug screening: varies in price

Visit the Wilce Student Health Center's website on Health Professional Student Compliance for information on available services, including immunizations, antibody tests, drug screening, and more - as well as their price list and insurance policies.

  • Background Check: $62 (estimate)
BSN and Graduate Entry students
  • Equipment: $150-$250 (estimate) dependent on grade of stethoscope purchased ATI course fee/NCLEX
  • "Readiness Test" fee: $1,200 (first year only)
  • Personal Mobile Device: $350 (estimate)
  • Scrubs: $150/two sets (estimate)
Traditional Master's and Graduate Entry students
  • Advanced diagnostic tools (for all MS students, purchased prior to the student's advanced practice clinical): $675 (estimate)
  • White lab jacket (for all MS students, including Graduate Entry): $35/one jacket
  • Nursing insurance fee (Midwifery students only):  $575/year (estimate)