RN to BSN Admissions

Application Deadlines

This program admits students every semester.

Autumn 2021: Closed 

Spring 2022: Opens July 8, 2021  |  Deadline: October 30, 2021 

Summer 2022: Opens January 16, 2022  |  Deadline: March 31, 2022 

Autumn 2022: Opens April 1, 2022  |  Deadline: June 30, 2022



Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the RN to BSN program students must have:

An associate degree in nursing or nursing diploma

Students must have an associate degree in nursing or a nursing diploma from an institution with a nursing education program accredited through the ACEN or CNEA. Students may apply to the RN to BSN program while their degree or diploma is still in progress, but must receive it by the start of their term of admission.

Completed all prerequisite coursework with qualifying grades

Applicants must complete all required prerequisite coursework with a grade of C- or better on each course prior to enrollment in the program. See the section below for more details on the prerequisite course requirements. 

For students who took courses in Spring, Summer, or Autumn 2020 or Spring and Summer 2021, please visit our pass/no pass policy page for more information on requirements.

A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale

Cumulative GPAs include all coursework attempted at the undergraduate level at all attended colleges/universities and is calculated by Ohio State's Graduate and Professional Admissions office. 

Applicants who are current or former Ohio State students must also have an Ohio State GPA of 2.0 of greater.

Reside in an authorized state

To participate in the RN to BSN program, a student must reside in a state that authorizes The Ohio State University to offer this professional licensure program through distance learning to its residents. You can check the authorization of your state on this map

A professional license is required to practice in the field of this academic program, or to advance or specialize in that field. This program meets licensure requirements in the State of Ohio and is approved by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. If you are planning to seek a professional license in a state other than Ohio, it is highly recommended that you contact the appropriate state licensing agency to seek information and guidance before beginning the program. In addition, online program availability may vary by state. For more information on state authorization requirements and disclosures related to online programs and state licensing board contact information, please visit the Office of Distance Education and eLearning website.

An active and unrestricted RN license

You must have an active, unencumbered license as a registered nurse in the state where you practice by the start of the NRSADVN 4240 Community Health Nursing course.

International student credentials

International students applying to the RN to BSN program must hold an active unencumbered RN license to practice in the United States or a Credentials Evaluation Service Report from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools.




All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the first day of classes of the RN to BSN program for the term to which you are admitted. Each prerequisite course must be completed with a grade of C- or better. 

All applicants must complete the following prerequisite coursework:

Prerequisite Course Requirements Credit Hours
English Composition 3
Chemistry - 1 course, must include a Lab 3-5

Six (6) credit hours or more of coursework in Introductory Biology, Anatomy, and/or Physiology

Microbiology - 1 course, must include a Lab 3-4
  17-20 Total

For students who took courses in Spring, Summer and/or Autumn 2020 or Spring and Summer 2021, please visit our pass/no pass policy page for more information on requirements.

Transferring prerequisite courses

You are responsible for verifying that all the courses taken (or planned) at another institution fulfil the prerequisite requirements of the RN to BSN program.

To determine if a course taken at another institution will fulfil a prerequisite requirement, first check these resources: Transfer Credit Charts and Transferology. If your course information cannot be determined through these resources, you can send your prospective prerequisite courses to Ohio State’s Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions by completing and submitting this form. They can be reached at gpadmisssions@osu.edu for further assistance. Note: Results for course evaluations can take up four weeks. 

Transfer credit deemed general credit or special credit may require having courses further evaluated by the appropriate Ohio State department. This evaluation may require the student to produce a syllabus from the term and year each course was completed in order to be evaluated. To learn more about how to resolve transfer credit, please visit our transfer credit page.

Taking prerequisite courses at Ohio State

Prerequisite coursework may be completed at Ohio State during a bachelor’s program or as a non-degree student. To take undergraduate courses outside of a degree program, you must first apply as an Extended Education student. Applications can be completed through the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE). Please contact ODEE to learn more about enrollment as a continuing education student. 

The following Ohio State courses fulfil the prerequisite course requirements: 

  • English Composition 
    • ENGLISH 1110 First-Year English Composition 
  • Chemistry with a Lab 
    • CHEM 1110 Elementary Chemistry 
    • CHEM  1210 General Chemistry I 
  • 6 Credits of Biology, Anatomy, and/or Physiology 
    • BIOLOGY 1101 Introductory Biology 
    • BIOLOGY 1113 Biological Sciences: Energy Transfer and Development 
    • ANATOMY 2300 Human Anatomy 
    • ANATOMY 3300 Advanced Human Anatomy 
    • EEOB 2510 Human Anatomy 
    • EEOB 2520 Human Physiology 
    • PHR 3100 Human Physiology and Disease 
    • PHYSIO 3200 Human Physiology 
  • Microbiology with a Lab 
    • MICRBIO 4000 Basic & Practical Microbiology


How to Apply 

To apply for the RN to BSN program, students must complete the following by the application deadline: 

1. Submit the online application

You can complete an application online through the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions by clicking on the following link. A $60 application fee is required at the time of submission of the application.

Apply now

2. Submit your resume

Your resume should be in a similar format to what you would use for a job application. You should include examples of leadership, committee work and certifications received. You may submit this document at the time of application or after by way of the Admissions Uploader.

3. Submit your personal statement

The personal statement is an opportunity to introduce yourself, to express your interest in the RN to BSN program and to demonstrate your writing skills. The following are some recommended topics to consider when composing your statement: 

  • Current and future educational and/or career goals 
  • Academic record and its reflection on your academic potential 
  • Any formal leadership experiences (charge nurse, department store manager, etc.) 
  • Awards or certifications you have received (work-related, educational, nursing or non-nursing certifications, awards from volunteering, etc.) 
  • Community service or volunteer activities 

The personal statement should be a one-page, single-spaced document with 12-point font and 1-inch margins and should be written in a narrative format. 

You may submit this document at the time of application or after by way of the Admissions Uploader

4. Submit your official transcripts

You must submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities that you have previously attended at either the undergraduate or graduate levels. This includes transcripts for any post-secondary courses taken during high school or of coursework that appears as transfer credit on another transcript. Transcripts from Ohio State do not need to be submitted.  

All transcripts must be received by the corresponding application deadline.  

Transcripts should be sent directly by the sending institution by mail or electronic transfer to be considered official. Please request your transcripts early so that they arrive before the deadline. Transcripts can be sent to: 
The Ohio State University 
Graduate Admissions Office 
P.O. Box 182004 
Columbus OH 43218-2004 
You may also upload a copy of an official transcript at the time of application or after by way of the Admissions Uploader. Web-based documents, online grade reports, and related materials are not acceptable. Documents submitted in this manner are considered unofficial, but will suffice for the purposes of application. If you are admitted, you will be required to supply official transcripts sent directly from your previous institutions. 

For details regarding these methods of submitting transcripts, please visit the Graduate and Professional Admissions Office’s website. Please direct all transcript related questions to the Graduate and Professional Admissions Office at 614-292-9444 or to gpadmissions@osu.edu

International applicants must provide official transcripts from all foreign schools.

5. Provide English proficiency test scores (International applicants only)

Details regarding what English Proficiency tests are acceptable, the scores required and how to submit scores may be found on the website of Ohio State's Graduate and Professional Admissions office.

Failure to complete all required steps of this application process by 11:59 pm EST on the day of the posted deadline will result in your application not being considered for admission.  

You can review the status of your application anytime at appstatus.osu.edu. If you have any questions about the RN to BSN program or the application process, please email nursing@osu.edu.


Admission Timeline & Deferrals 

All required materials listed above must be submitted by the posted deadline. Please allow up to five business days for the status of materials to be updated on your application status webpage. 

Application decisions are made on a rolling basis. Most applicants will receive a decision on their application within one month of completing the full application process. You can view an overview of the admissions timeline here. 

Students may defer their admittance to a future semester. If you are unable to begin your studies in the term to which you applied, please contact your adviser for further assistance with deferral.


For questions regarding our admissions process or requirements, please contact our Student Affairs team at nursing@osu.edu. For assistance with your application, you may RSVP to attend one of our monthly Overview Sessions


In accordance with the non-discrimination policy of The Ohio State University and the College of Nursing, we strictly prohibit any discrimination based upon age, color, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, national origin, religion, pregnancy, or veteran status in its application, admission, or enrollment practices. 

Ohio State is committed to treating applicants fairly and with dignity and respect. Please click here to review Ohio State’s post-admissions policy.

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