Clinical Trials Sciences Certificate FAQs

How is this certificate offered? 

The four certificate courses are offered in an online format through the Ohio State Carmen distance-learning platform.

Are the online courses offered live or pre-recorded?

The courses in the certificate are primarily distance-based (online) with mostly asynchronous modules. Some courses may have live synchronous sessions whereby students log in for guest lectures or meetings. These may be recorded for future access. Course syllabi and the registration system will provide details regarding scheduling of live sessions.

I have taken one or two of the courses in this certificate already. How can I enroll in the certificate? 

Students who have already taken some of the classes in the certificate can apply to the certificate for the next available term. Please visit the admissions webpage to learn more about how to apply for this certificate. Students must apply for and be admitted to the certificate before they complete the fourth course in the curriculum to earn the certificate. Students who have completed all the certificate courses cannot retroactively apply for and earn the certificate.

I have transfer credit for one of the certificate courses. Can that count towards the coursework for the certificate? 

No, per university policy transfer credit cannot be counted towards certificate courses. All courses for this certificate must be completed at Ohio State. 

Can I complete this certificate at my own pace? 

Yes, you can. Please be aware that courses may be offered at specific times during the year. Please consult the curriculum webpage to learn more about possible sequence of courses.  

What are some ways this could enhance my career? Are there specific jobs this could lead to?

There are U.S. and global shortages for a variety of career options in clinical research and so this is an ideal time to target clinical research careers. After obtaining your degree and certificate, entry level jobs at academic medical centers and clinical research sites include titles such as: clinical research assistant, clinical research coordinator, regulatory affairs coordinators and data management specialists. Contract research organizations and pharmaceutical companies have a variety of career ladders starting with positions such as clinical research associate who monitor clinical trial sites.  In clinical research, career ladders allow for progression. Joining clinical research professional associations and obtaining association certification further enhances your career progression. Some individuals opt for graduate studies in clinical research, such as the Ohio State Master of Science in Clinical Research.