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Joni Tornwall
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Co-Director of the Academy for Teaching Innovation, Excellence and Scholarship
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Tornwall began her career as an operating room nurse and gradually transitioned to the role of educator and instructional designer in higher education. In addition to teaching, Tornwall assists faculty with integration of learning technologies into their classrooms to enhance the educational experience for nursing students. She earned her PhD in learning technologies at The Ohio State University in December 2019. She also has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Medical Branch and a master's degree in higher education administration from Ohio University. As co-director of the College of Nursing’s Academy of Teaching Innovation, Excellence, and Scholarship, Tornwall promotes and supports conference presentations, scholarship opportunities and grant applications for faculty. (Full at CV at

She has over 15 years of online and in-person teaching experience in health sciences, health promotion and teamwork, instructional design, scholarly and academic writing, and educational strategies courses. Her research and scholarship interests focus on two primary themes in health sciences education: identification of best practices in the education of nurses and health professions students, with particular attention to the role of learning technologies; and preparing students to participate effectively in professional nursing peer review.

Tornwall has worked with faculty for several years to implement student-to-student peer review in the classroom with an aim to enhance the quality and quantity of feedback students receive in the academic setting as well as to prepare students for peer review in professional practice. Her research is focused on student-to-student peer review and how educators prepare students to provide and receive supportive peer feedback. She is a certified peer reviewer and facilitator for Quality Matters and a member of the international editorial board for Nurse Education Today.

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