Pre-HW Curriculum

Schedule during the pre-HW year

During the pre-HW year, a student’s schedule will focus on completion of the prerequisite coursework and the minimum eligibility requirements. For a comprehensive list of approved prerequisites courses and requirements of the HW application, please visit the HW admissions page. For an example that includes potential classes in the pre-HW year, please visit our HW curriculum page and view the sample curriculum. The courses listed in year one demonstrate what a student may be enrolled in during the pre-HW year.

Individual student schedules may vary based on previous academic credits. Sample schedules do not list all options that may satisfy prerequisite courses. Additionally, note that a sample schedule is tentative and allows for deviation. Deviations may be made based on the prerequisite course/option a student elects to enroll in, credit earned through post secondary and/or AP and/or test scores such as the math placement test score.