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The following articles, publications and other resources are provided as a public service for people seeking more information, knowledge and perspectives related to the national conversation about racism in America. This resource page will be updated with some regularity. Except for the items produced by and credited to members of The Ohio State University community, the public resources below are unaffiliated with The Ohio State University and the College of Nursing, and the opinions shared in any of these externally-curated resources are those of the authors.

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The Multicultural Center has several events scheduled in recognition of both Black History Month and APIDA Month. You can access its calendar at mcc.osu.edu.

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Discussion Buddy

The Discussion Buddy document is designed to help facilitate positive, community-building and community-strengthening conversations. It includes helpful tips for having hard, yet necessary, conversations to empower people through collaborative dialogue aimed at valuable connection, support and safety.

Resources to support People of Color
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Resources to support Black business-owners and artists
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