Brenda C. Buffington

Brenda Buffington
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Professor of Clinical Nursing
College of Nursing
Executive Director, Health Athlete Program
Buckeye Wellness Program Manager
Office of the Chief Wellness Officer
397 Newton Hall
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295 W. 10th Ave.
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Brenda C. Buffington holds a doctorate in education and is a national board-certified health and wellness coach and a certified exercise physiologist. She has been a health promotion and disease prevention professional for almost 40 years. Before joining The Ohio State University, Buffington was the assistant director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. Now in her ninth year at The Ohio State University College of Nursing, she is an assistant clinical professor in the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness degree program, executive director of Health Athlete, lead faculty for the Health and Wellness Coaching graduate certificate and a Buckeye Wellness program manager under the Office of the Chief Wellness Officer. Buffington has two grown sons and is passionate about health and wellness education, research, health coaching and helping everyone to live more fully engaged lives to become their best selves.


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April 30, 2024

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