2023 BSN Honors graduates at Convocation
May 05, 2023

College of Nursing celebrates new graduates at Convocation

Among the 600+ degree earners are 27 BSN Honors who just presented their final thesis projects

The Ohio State University College of Nursing today celebrated its more than 600 graduates in both nursing and non-nursing degree programs at its annual Convocation at the Jerome Schottenstein Center.

Among those graduates were 27 students who successfully completed the highly-competitive Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Honors program. BSN Honors students are paired with a research mentor during their first year in the program. Over the next three years, each student develops a research question, implements a study and develops a final thesis paper. Students then present their research findings at a research event or conference.

“Our goal in this program is not just to educate new nurses, but also to empower new clinical researchers who are passionate about changing healthcare for the betterment of their patients,” said Judith Tate, PhD, RN, ATS-F, associate professor and director of the BSN Honors program at the College of Nursing. “Our pride in the work they pursue is eclipsed only by the impact that we know they will have on our world.”

Eleven students presented their findings at the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum in March, while 16 others presented at Ohio State’s Spring Undergraduate Research Festival in April.

Several students also earned the privilege of sharing their research at prestigious national conferences:

  • Midwest Nursing Research Society (MNRS): Five students – Grace Barker, Abdul Rahman Kargbo, Nick Krueger, Roslyn Perry and Tanner Smith – were chosen through a competitive process to present at the 2023 MNRS Annual Research Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. Krueger was further honored with the MNRS Palliative and End-of-Life Care RIIG Undergraduate Student Award, while Kargbo received the Perinatal, Sexual and Reproductive Health RIIG Undergraduate Student Award.
  • American Nephrology Nurses Association: Mackenzie Heareth and Tad Jensen presented posters about their work with their mentor Tara O’Brien, PhD, RN, CNE, who studies non-pharmacological self-management interventions for kidney transplant patients to improve their overall health.
  • Nursing Education Research Conference: Macy Corley presented on the importance of scholarly writing in undergraduate nursing education.
  • National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence (NHCGNE): Emily Latshaw presented at the leadership conference for NHCGNE about her work with Tate in engaging older adults with robot-mediated activities to decrease apathy.

Here are the 27 BSN Honors students earning their diplomas this weekend at Commencement:

Grace Helen Dorothy Barker
Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation on Inflammatory Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Disease
Advisor: Dr. Jodi McDaniel

Judith Martin Burkholder
Opioid Use and Treatment Among Pregnant Women
Advisor: Dr. Ethan Morgan

Macy Corley
Exploring Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Understanding of Scholarly Writing Compared to Faculty Expectations
Advisor: Dr. Jin Jun

Callahan Morgan Galovic
Efficacy of Maternal Education, Breastfeeding, and Medication-Assisted Therapy on Health Outcomes of Infants Exposed to Opioids In-Utero
Advisor: Dr. Judith Tate

Makayla Renae Grecenuk
The Impact of Dialysis on Kidney Transplant Outcomes
Advisor: Dr. Esther Chipps

Sasha Elizabeth Hammer
What Nurses Need to Know about Assessing for Pre-operative Delirium Risk?
Advisor: Dr. Kathy Wright

Mackenzie Marie Heareth
Evaluation of Perceived Stress Using an Application-based Technology Intervention: Pre/Post Test Design
Advisor: Dr. Tara O’Brien

Lydia Christine Hill
Secondary Qualitative Analysis of Nurses’ Resilience During COVID-19
Advisor: Dr. Jin Jun

Tad Allen Jensen
The Preliminary Effects of Self-Efficacy to Exercise Using a Multicomponent Technology Intervention: Pre/Post Test Design
Advisor: Dr. Tara O’Brien

Tonja Johnny Kaissieh
The Effect of Stress on African American Women’s Mental and Physical Health
Advisor: Dr. Barbara Warren

Abdul Rahman Kargbo
Prenatal Depressive Symptoms and Methylation of DNA Near the Brain- Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) Gene
Advisor: Dr. Shannon Gillespie

Emily Marie Latshaw
Video Analysis of Older Adults Engaged in Robot-Mediated Activities to Decrease Apathy: Development of a Coding Scheme
Advisor: Dr. Judith Tate

Paige Elizabeth Martin
Undergraduate College of Nursing Students Program Evaluation of MINDSTRONG
Advisor: Dr. Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk

Emma Caroline Matthews
Exploring the Needs of Children With and Without Disabilities Through the Lens of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Advisors: Dr. Susan Thrane and Dr. Judith Tate

Anna R. Mears
Undergraduate College of Nursing Students Program Evaluation of MINDSTRONG
Advisor: Dr. Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk

Eliza Margaret Mitchell
Examining the Relationship between Years of Registered Nursing Experience and Nursing Documentation Efficiency and Nursing Satisfaction with the Electronic Health Record after a Microlearning Intervention
Advisor: Dr. Amy Knupp

Caileigh Elizabeth-Ann Moore
Parent Perceptions of School Assistance in Accessing Residential Treatment
Advisor: Dr. Kayla Herbell

Lauren Marie Oatney
Nurses' Knowledge and Experience with Autism in Patient Care
Advisor: Dr. Michelle Failla

Roslyn Katherin Perry
Fidelity Analysis of a Hybrid Delivery Model of Web-based Parent Training and Virtual Groups
Advisor: Dr. Susie Breitenstein

Theresa Elizabeth Piscitelli
Delirium Among Critically Ill Stroke Patients with Previous COVID-19 Infection
Advisors: Dr. Judith Tate and Mr. Thomas N. Lawson

Alexandra Richmond
Dietary Patterns of Dairy Food, Calcium, and Vitamin D Intake in Pregnancy
Advisor: Dr. Cindy Anderson

Tanner Bradley Smith
Experiences of Parents Whose Child Died During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Advisor: Dr. Christine Fortney

Erica Therese Thein
Influence of Diet-Related Media and Messaging on the Health Behaviors and Self-Perception of Young, Overweight Black Adults
Advisor: Dr. Janna Stephens

Chinazam G. Uhegwu
Hypertensive Disorders during Pregnancy and Association with Perceived Stress and Neighborhood Environment in Early Pregnancy
Advisor: Dr. Cindy Anderson

Abigail Margaret Ward
Maternal Mental Health and Fetal Growth: Exploring the Role of Maternal BDNF Methylation
Advisor: Dr. Shannon Gillespie

Rachel Elizabeth Wegener
Reflections of Graduate Nursing Student and Faculty EBP Mentors of Jamaican Nursing Students
Advisor: Dr. Dianne Morrison-Beedy

Lillian Grace Zimmerman
Risk for Major Depressive Disorder Among Alcohol-Dependent Adult Population
Advisor: Dr. Ethan Morgan


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