Applying to Graduate

College of Nursing undergraduate students are required to meet the graduation requirements set by the university. While students work to complete the degree requirements of an undergraduate major, they can apply to graduate. Undergraduates may apply to graduate one term after entering a major, but no later than the tenth Friday of the semester they plan to graduate. If your intended graduation date changes once you apply to graduate, you will need to submit a new application to graduate to reflect the corrected graduation date. To apply to graduate, click here.

College of Nursing graduate students are required to meet the graduation requirements set by The Ohio State University Graduate School. Prior to applying to graduate, please review the requirements set for doctoral and master level students:


Graduate Application Deadline

The Ohio State University Graduate School sets the deadline for the application to graduate. Although the College of Nursing cannot extend this deadline, we do shorten it by one week due to the time required to process documents.   

Students may apply up to one semester prior to the term in which they will graduate, but no later than the second Friday of the semester in which they plan to graduate.  


How to Apply to Graduate – PhD, DNP, Master’s
  1. Log into Grad Forms using your Ohio State username and password.
  2. Select “Graduation and Examination Forms.” Locate the “Application to Graduate” and then click on the green “+Create New Application to Graduate” button.
  3. Select the term you plan to graduate. Do not check the “End of Semester” box unless specifically instructed. 
  4. Select the appropriate degree completion type based on your program enrollment: 
    • PhD: Doctoral
    • DNP (including BSN to DNP completing the DNP portion of their program): Professional Doctorate
    • Master’s: 
      • Graduate Entry, Traditional Master’s, BSN to DNP and BSN to PhD completing the Masters portion of their program and MCR: Master’s Non Thesis
      • MCR students should choose CLNRSRC-MO - Clinical Research as the graduation plan
      • MHI: Master’s – Course Based
  5.  Select the degree you expect to receive
  6. Complete the Commencement section:  
    • If you authorize someone to pick-up your diploma in your place, put their full legal name in the space provided. 
    • If you plan to have the diploma mailed to your permanent address, confirm the address that appears once you select this option. If the address is not correct, visit your student center through BuckeyeLink and make the necessary corrections.
  7. Complete the Committee Section (MHI students do not need to complete this section or list an advisor)
    • Type in your advisor’s last name and wait for a drop-down menu to appear. Find your advisor’s name from the generated list and click on it.  
    • Repeat this process for all “Committee Members”.
      • PhD students should submit the names of their dissertation committee. 
      • DNP students should submit the names of their final project committee.
      • Graduate Entry, BSN to DNP completing their master’s portion of the degree program and Traditional Master’s students should refer to The Beacon to view their assigned committee member and second reader. The second reader information will be posted to The Beacon on or around week eight of the semester preceding the term of your anticipated graduation date.
        • This list will also include “Exam Number” which is not needed to apply but will instead be used later for Masters Comprehensive Exams.
      • MCR students should list Carolynn T. Jones as advisor and Esther Maria Chipps as a committee member. Please follow these instructions even if you have a different faculty advisor assigned to you. 
    • If you have an external committee member who is not part of the Ohio State Graduate Faculty, follow these steps to complete the Committee Section:
      • Input the person’s name and email address in the spaces provided under “External Members” and click “Add.” 
    • If you have more than one external member, repeat this process as needed. In addition to submitting the external committee members on this form, you must also submit the “Committee and Examination Petition” form through Grad Forms for each external committee member. External committee members do not count towards the minimum number of required graduate faculty committee members, as they are included in addition to these requirements for a valid committee. 
  8. Save and submit your application. 
    • You can take the following actions on your application:
      • “Save” your application for further review and discussion, or 
      • Click “Save and Continue” for the next steps. 
      • Note: The application must still be submitted after this step.
    • After clicking “Save and Continue” click “Submit” to officially submit your application to graduate. Be sure to submit your application to graduate early in order to allow sufficient time for your faculty advisor and program to review and act on your application prior to the deadline. 
    • Your application will be reviewed by the Graduate School after the deadline to apply to graduate has passed. Approval of your form only places your name on the Graduation List and is not a guarantee that you will graduate.
How to Apply to Complete a Certificate
  1. Log into Grad Forms using your OSU username and password.
  2. Select “Graduation and Examination Forms.” Locate and select the “Application for Certificate Completion.”
  3. Select the completion term and certificate plan from the drop down list.
  4. You will need to list the courses that apply to the Certificate. This information is available on The Beacon
  5. At this point, review the form for accuracy and then click “Save and Continue.”  
  6. You will then be taken to the screen where you will need to click on the “Submit” button so that your request will be electronically routed to the program for review. Allow sufficient time between submitting your application and the deadline by which it must be to the Graduate School.

Your application will be reviewed once it is received by the Graduate School.

How to Apply to Complete the Post-Master’s Option
  1. Submit the “Notification of Completion for Post-Masters option” form.
  2. Send the completed document to your advisor for approval.
  3. Submit electronically as a single scanned PDF or Word document to


  • The College of Nursing Post-Master’s option is non-degree seeking.
  • The College of Nursing, not the Graduate School, provides a Post-Master’s certificate (of completion), which lists your specialty area.
  • The university does not list your specialty area on the transcript. 
  • The College of Nursing Post-Master’s option students are invited to the College of Nursing’s Convocation ceremony to receive their certificate.
  • The College of Nursing Post-Master’s option students are not included in the university’s Commencement exercises
How to Check the Status of your Application

This is not applicable to the Post-Master’s option. 

  1. Log into Grad Forms.
  2. Select “Search Forms” and then click the blue “Apply Filters” button.
  3. Locate the form on the auto-generated list. You can determine the status by looking at the “Approval Status” column.
    • Pending: Your program or advisor still needs to act on the form, or the Graduate School has received the form by the deadline.
    • Pending GS: The College of Nursing has processed and approved all documentation required for graduation. The approval from the Graduate School is still pending. 
    • Approved: The form has been approved by the Graduate School (this will occur after the deadline). 
  4. Check the “History.” 
    • Click the white “View” button in the far right column.
    • Then click the “View Application to Graduate” button that pops up. When the form shows on your computer screen, you will see five tabs: Student Information, Form Name, History, Remarks and Comments.
    • Click on the “History” tab to see who has or has not acted on the form or the “Comments” tab to see if there are any issues noted. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your advisor prior to the deadline if they need to approve the form. 
How to Cancel your Application to Graduate
  1. Log into Grad Forms.
  2. Select “Search Forms”, then click the blue “Apply Filters” button.  When the results from the search show up on your screen, scroll down the list and locate your application. 
  3. Go to the far right column and click “View” and then click the “View Application to Graduate” button.  When your application comes on screen, click the blue “Actions” button and select “Cancel Application.”