Scientist-supported Laboratory Facilities

The College of Nursing Center for Nursing Research and Health Analytics houses three “wet” laboratories located on Newton Hall's lower level. These labs are staffed by a full-time life science and clinical research specialist who is available for faculty and student consults regarding development of research aims and assay techniques. There are two Biosafety Level II laboratories certified by Ohio State Environmental Health and Safety for conducting research with human blood and tissue samples. The laboratories are equipped to perform a wide variety of molecule biology and protein biochemistry techniques. Equipment available includes three refrigerated centrifuges, water baths, pH analyzers, microbalances, microscopes, a CO2 incubator, two biosafety cabinets for cell and tissue culture, an ultrapure water system, four refrigerators, three -20 freezer and four -80 freezers available for long term storage of research samples.

Loren Wold
Assistant Dean for Biological Health Research

Meet the Assistant Dean

Loren Wold, Assistant Dean for Biological Health Research, oversees the lab and biological components of research projects. Dr. Wold, an NIH-funded researcher, uses an animal model to focus on Alzheimer's Disease and cardiovascular disease.

Meet the Lab Director

Amy Mackos, faculty lab director, provides faculty and student consultation related to project-related laboratory needs.

Hair and Saliva Cortisol and Endocrine Hormone Analysis

The College of Nursing laboratories are equipped with a Retsch MM200 which pulverizes hair samples for analysis of cortisol, a stress biomarker, and endocrine hormones such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. The stress biomarkers, cortisol and alpha amylase, can also be detected in saliva by ELISA along with most endocrine hormones.

Inflammation Biomarkers and Cytokine Analysis

Cytokines and biomarkers for measuring acute and chronic inflammation can be analyzed in blood, plasma, urine and cell culture by ELISA. The laboratories are equipped with a Biotek microplate reader for ELISA, gel electrophoresis equipment, a Gel-Logic Image System for viewing and quantifying band density on western blots and agarose gels. Faculty and students also have access to a Meso-Scale Discovery Reader housed nearby on campus for analysis of up to 54 different cytokines using a chemiluminescense platform.

PCR and Molecular Biology

Equipment for real-time PCR includes a PCR Workstation, a Nanodrop 2000, a BioRad iCycler and CFX96 thermocycler which are interfaced with a dedicated desktop computer and software for data storage and analysis. The laboratory staff are available to assist with isolation and purification of RNA/DNA for a wide variety of techniques. The laboratories also provide sample preparation for genomic sequencing and epigenetic analysis in collaboration with Ohio State core facilities on campus.

Nicotine Metabolies 

Specialty equipment for analysis of nicotine metabolites includes a Hitachi Liquid Chromatography System with UV detector, a D-7500 Integrator and autosampler, and three Bedfont Mini-Smokerlyzer instruments for noninvasive monitoring of expired air CO than can be easily transported for analyses in outpatient settings.