Ohio State's RN to BSN program ranked number 1 in the nation

The RN to BSN Program at The Ohio State University College of Nursing has been named the nation’s very best, according to recent rankings from TopRNtoBSN.com.

Ohio State’s program was ranked no. 1 overall in the 2016 ranking of the nation’s Top 50 Online RN to BSN Programs. Top RN to BSN only considered schools which are fully accredited by a national nursing accreditation agency. It then ranked programs based on cost, graduation rates (an indicator of whether the school provides a supportive environment to help students graduate) and loan repayment (a rough measure of graduate success in obtaining well-paying, secure jobs). Each of these measures was equally weighted and obtained from publically available sources including the National Center for Education Statistics and circulated tuition rates for each school.

“The no. 1 ranking for the RN to BSN program at the College of Nursing is a wonderful acknowledgement of excellence within the program,” said program director and assistant professor Wendy Bowles, PHD, RN, CPNP.  “Our program is built on faculty innovation in online learning and evidence-based practice.  This ranking solidifies the extraordinary education we provide to students who graduate from our program.”

Top RN to BSN is an online information source for current and prospective nursing students which offers independent information and advice about nursing degree programs and nursing career options. To learn more about the award and view the ranking in its entirety, visit toprntobsn.com/rankings/best-online-rn-bsn.