HWIH Curriculum

The bachelor's degree in Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare requires a minimum of 120 semester hours and can be completed in four academic years. The first year of study includes pre-professional coursework that is prerequisite to applying to the major.

HWIH students take prerequisite courses and the HWIH survey course, during their first year. College of Nursing professional advisors provide support to HWIH students for scheduling classes and to foster academic success.

Curriculum Sample 

Below is a sample list of classes a student will take to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare. Since university students need more than specific education to narrow the field, they also will take classes to complete General Education (GE) requirements. Because GE courses come from a variety of academic areas of study, this coursework helps students develop fundamental skills essential to collegiate success and allows them to tailor these courses toward their interest. Note: this sample represents one of several paths to a degree in HWIH.

Year 1
Course Credit Hours
Chemistry 1110 or 1210 5
Sociology 1101 3
Biology 11101, 1110 or 1113 4
English 1110 3
Psychology 1100 3
Anatomy 2300 4
Physiology (EEOB) 2520 3
Survey Course 1
Total Hours 26
Year 2
Course Credit Hours
Evidence-based Strategies to Optimize Health, Happiness and Well-being 3
Introduction to Health Literacy 3
Dimensions of Wellness and Resilience 3
Wellness in Chronic Conditions I 5
Intro to Global Public Health 3
Science of Human Nutrition 3
Sociology of Poverty 3
Business Management 3
Scholarship for Evidence-based Practice 3
Elective 3
Total Hours 32
Year 3
Course Credit Hours
Coaching for Health Improvement 3
Integrating Culture in Healthcare 3
Health Program Planning and Evaluation 3
Wellness in Chronic Conditions II 4
Technology-based Health Promotion Strategies 3
Writing 3
Electives 9
Total Hours 28
Year 4
Course Credit Hours
Health Disparities 3
Visual and Performing Arts 3
Literature GE 3
History GE 3
Culture and Ideas 3
Practicum 10
Elective 3
Total Hours 28

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General Education List and Instructions

General Education Courses