Pre-Nursing Introduction

The Pre-Nursing program at The Ohio State University is an option for students who have an interest in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Pre-Nursing students take prerequisites for the BSN degree and prepare to apply to the major.  

Pre-Nursing students are assigned an academic advisor who provides information regarding the nursing program, application process, and university policies and regulations. Students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor to discuss study skill strategies, course planning, and academic issues. 

Academic Advisors

Each member of the College of Nursing's academic advising staff works with a particular area or student population, including social and educational programming, study abroad, and student athletes. Peer advisors assist the academic advising staff and serve as resources to students enrolled in the Pre-Nursing and BSN programs.

Jill Auxter, Jill advises the Pre-Nursing students, prior to application to the BSN program. Jill graduated from The University of Toledo with an MA in Counselor Education.


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