Ford receives seed grant for adolescent health research

Jodi Ford, PhD, RN, assistant professor at The Ohio State University College of Nursing, has been awarded a seed grant from Ohio State’s Initiative in Population Research (IPR) for her study, Linking Biological and Social Pathways to Adolescent Health.

Ford’s pilot study tests a high-quality, feasible and cost-effective protocol for the collection of chronic stress biomarkers to investigate the biological impact of social risk on adolescent health and behavior. The biomarker data collection will be conducted with Principal Investigator Christopher R. Browning, PhD, a professor of sociology at Ohio in a recently funded National Institutes of Health and William T. Grant prospective cohort study of adolescents in Franklin County on Adolescent Health and Development in Context. Browning and Donna McCarthy, PhD, RN, a professor at the College of Nursing, are co-investigators on the IPR pilot study.

The Ohio State’s Initiative in Population Research (IPR) extends four to eight seed grants annually to faculty affiliates for work toward submission of proposals for external funding.

Ford’s primary program of research under her designation as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar for 2010-2013 focuses on the contribution of social contexts to adolescent and young adult health and the psychosocial, behavioral and biological pathways through which they operate.