May 06, 2022 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Timeline for receiving official invitations to the 2022 Convocation Ceremony:
  • Graduate Students: The College of Nursing will email a formal invitation to students that applied to graduate during week 7 of the Spring semester.
  • Undergraduate Students: The College of Nursing will email a formal invitation to students that applied to graduate during week 11 of the Spring semester.

The timeline for receiving an official invitation is based on the deadline to apply to graduate and the required processing time of each application per University and Graduate School policy. The formal invitation will be sent to eligible students using their email address.

The College of Nursing Convocation is a ceremony to celebrate and recognize the accomplishments of graduates from College of Nursing degree programs. 


What happens during the ceremony? 

During the ceremony, “Pomp and Circumstance” will cue faculty to process into the arena. Once faculty reach the stage, students will enter the arena. Once all students are situated at their chairs, Dean Melnyk will welcome everyone to the ceremony and provide opening remarks. 

At the end of the opening remarks, special guests and faculty will be invited to the stage to announce the college’s award winners. Then, the names of graduates who attend the ceremony in-person will be announced. 

The PhD and DNP candidates will be invited to stage along with their faculty advisor. Doctoral candidates will be hooded during the ceremony by their faculty advisor.

Following the doctoral candidates, graduating graduate students will be invited to cross the stage and then undergraduate students. All names of those in attendance will be announced by a faculty speaker. Announced names may not align with when each named student crosses the stage. 

Dean Melnyk will present graduates with gifts:

  • PhD and Doctoral students will receive a special gift from the Dean in addition to be hooded on stage
  • Graduating graduate students and HWIH students will receive a special gift from Dean Melnyk as they cross the stage
  • Undergraduate nursing students will receive the nursing pin as they cross the stage
  • Undergraduate BSN honors students will receive the honors pin and nursing pin as they cross the stage.

The ceremony concludes once the names of all those attending the ceremony have been announced and Dean Melnyk provides closing remarks. Faculty will lead the processional out of the arena. Graduates should meet their families and guests outside of the Schottenstein Center. 


On-site Registration and Ceremony Preparation

All graduates must enter the Schottenstein Center through the North Entrance.  

Personal items should be left with guests. There will not be a safe place to store items during the ceremony. Below are instructions for arriving at the arena and preparing for the ceremony.

  • Upon entering the North Entrance, students should proceed to the lower level.
  • Stop at the registration tables. There will be separate tables designated as “Registration for Graduate Students” and “Registration for Undergraduate Students”.
    • All students will receive a notecard with his/her name and program information.
    • Students must hold onto the notecard until they are invited to stage.
    • To ensure the correct pronunciation of names, students will be asked to write the phonetic spelling of their first and last name on the notecard. 
    • Eligible undergraduate students will receive Latin honor cords at registration. 
  • Proceed to the high top tables. Here students can write the phonetic spelling of his/her name and five-year dreams.
  • Upon updating the notecard received at registration, students should move onto the line-up area
    • The line-up area will be broken down by program and students will line up in numerical order according to the number on the card received at registration. 
    • Signs will help students navigate to the proper area.
  • Students will process into the arena by program and will be seated with classmates.  
    • Student Affairs and Success team members will direct students into the arena and to a seat.