Financial aid

Getting started

Essential resources for any student seeking financial aid.
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There are a variety of loan programs available to nursing students. Review loan information to ascertain which loan options are right for you.
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Grants offer free assistance and are awarded through federal, state or university funds to students with high financial need. Information from the FAFSA is used to determine eligibility.
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University Employment

Graduate students can apply for GTA (teaching), GRA (research), and GAA (administrative) associateship positions in the College of Nursing. Employment opportunities are also available for all students through Federal Work-Study and Student Financial Aid.
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Ohio State Scholarships

Scholarships administered by The Ohio State University are available. Students may apply for scholarships which are academic-based only, minority, special-eligibility, and others.
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General Scholarships

Available to both undergraduate and graduate students.
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Your education is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. Adequate preparation for pursuing your studies includes careful financial planning. The key is early planning and research on the variety of options available from both the College of Nursing and outside sources.  

In addition to personal and family savings, Ohio State nursing students meet the cost of their education through a combination of scholarships from the university, the College of Nursing, and external organizations; grant assistance; loans from the federal government and private lenders; and employment. Nonresidents of Ohio who relocate to the state may be re-classified as Ohio residents after residing in the state for 12 months or under specific circumstances, significantly reducing the cost of tuition.  

All students who wish to be considered for financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid (FAFSA) form at the earliest possible date after the FAFSA form becomes available in early January. This includes students seeking need-based aid from the College of Nursing. The priority filing date is February 15 for Ohio State, though applying earlier is strongly recommended. The FAFSA may be completed online at using the Ohio State federal code 003090. A paper FAFSA may be obtained by contacting the Federal Student Aid Information Center at (800) 433-3243.

The Ohio State University College of Nursing is committed to supporting our students’ financial planning. This section of the website will guide you in your plan to finance your education.