Pre-Nursing FAQs

Who is my Pre-Nursing academic advisor?
Jill Auxter advises Pre-Nursing students, including Pre-Nursing Honors Students and Pre-Nursing Student Athletes. You are welcome to contact Jill at
Students entering Pre-Nursing in Autumn will be contacted by the academic advising team in late spring on topics related to summer orientation, course registration, program overview, and a tour of the Technology Learning Complex. This information will be sent to the student via their assigned OSU email account. Individual appointments will not be made until after the summer orientation season.

As a parent of a Pre-Nursing student may I contact the academic advising staff?
Parents are welcome to contact the academic advising staff. We are happy to assist you and your child throughout the Pre-Nursing year. However, much of the information we may access regarding your child's academic work and progression is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and may not be shared with parents without written consent of the student.

What are the prerequisite courses I must complete as part of the admission process into the nursing major?
A list of the prerequisite classes can be found here.

Why am I given choices between Biology 1101 and Biology 1113?
Students have the option to register for Biology 1101 or Biology 1113 in case they may pursue a degree outside of nursing that requires a higher Biology series such as the pre-professional programs including pre-medicine. Students do not receive higher consideration during the admissions process if they completed the Biology 1113 series compared to those that completed Biology 1101. Regardless of the level, it's imperative students achieve a solid grade in the prerequisite courses. 

Is it possible for a non Pre-Nursing student to apply to the nursing major?
Yes, students outside of the Pre-Nursing option may apply to the major assuming they complete the prerequisite courses and meet the minimum admissions requirements. 

As a Pre-Nursing student how can I get involved and meet fellow Pre-Nursing students, faculty, and staff?
Pre-Nursing students have the opportunity to attend social and educational programs sponsored by the College of Nursing. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend these special programs. Pre-Nursing students will also have the opportunity to meet their peers during the Nursing Survey 1100 class. 

Where should I send my AP scores?
Please send AP scores to the following address:

The Ohio State University
Undergraduate Admissions
Student Academic Services Building
281 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Do I really have to take a Foreign Language Placement Exam?
Although the College of Nursing does not require students to take a foreign language, we encourage students to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam. Depending on the placement score students may receive elective credit which is required for graduation.

What if I cannot get into the prerequisite courses?
The academic advisors will assist you in scheduling and help you register for the required classes. 

Should I buy my books while I'm on campus for the Pre-Nursing orientation?
You will have your class schedule at the end of orientation; therefore, you will have the appropriate information needed to purchase text books. You are welcome to buy books at the campus book stores or visit online sites at a later time.

Can you tell me more about the summer reading program and the Buckeye Book Community?
As part of the summer reading program sponsored by the Buckeye Book Community, Pre-Nursing students are required to read a book before arriving on campus in the autumn. The book will be discussed during the Nursing Survey 1100 course. Students will receive a voucher for the book during Orientation Day One.

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