Undergraduate Program Overview

The undergraduate major at the College of Nursing provides a strong academic and clinical background for entry into professional nursing, as well as leadership preparation at the baccalaureate level for those who are already registered nurses. There are several paths to an undergraduate degree in nursing. The college offers a Pre-Nursing option for students who wish to complete their prerequisite courses for the nursing major and prepare for the application process while working with an assigned academic advisor. Students may also complete prerequisite courses and prepare to apply to the nursing major while at another university or while pursuing another major at Ohio State.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is the entry level professional nursing degree and provides the foundation for graduate study. The undergraduate major requires a minimum of four years of full-time study. Part-time study may be possible, but will lengthen the time for degree completion.

The first year of study includes required pre-professional course work, which students must successfully complete, meeting minimum requirements in order to apply for admission to the College of Nursing. Upon acceptance, students are enrolled in the college for the last three years of the degree. Admission to the College of Nursing is highly selective and competitive.   

RN to BSN  
The RN to BSN option is an integrative approach to baccalaureate nursing education for registered nurses (RNs) who are graduates of associate degree or diploma nursing programs. The goal of this option is to foster the development of the RN’s career. The program provides the opportunity for earning the baccalaureate degree while building on the knowledge and skills of the RN and is the foundation for graduate study. The student must complete defined prerequisites and meet the minimum requirements established by the College of Nursing in order to apply for admission.  

This option is designed so that students can complete their nursing coursework in one year. All of the nursing courses are taught online. The emphasis of the clinicals is to enhance and develop students’ desired career paths. The remaining general education courses can be completed at one’s own pace. Admission to the RN to BSN option is selective and competitive.