Poster Template

The poster template available here, created as a PowerPoint document for easy editing, may be used by both faculty and students for presenting research findings. It has editable sections for the presentation name, the author(s) name(s) as well as text blocks for the research description. Feel free to add or delete the text blocks in the white area as required, as well as adding photos or graphics.


Guidelines for poster printing



Posters can be accepted only in PowerPoint format. Due to the impact of printer drivers, fonts and other features included in various other publication packages we can not accept poster submissions in any other format. The current PowerPoint template is available by clicking the above poster graphic.


The standard poster size is 36”x48”.  We cannot print any other sizes.


Graphics and images can add a great deal to your poster. Scanners are available in the computer lab. Be sure to scan at no less than 150 dpi (dots per inch). Our computer lab assistants can help you if you are unsure about scanning. Avoid using images from the web. While they may look nice on your computer screen, they are low resolution and will likely be blurry when enlarged to poster size.


Printing your poster


Submitting your file

Posters should be submitted at least two weeks prior to pickup. Sorry, no exceptions. Posters should be submitted here. If you are a student or represent a student organization, please make sure that you have met the requirements listed in the section titled “Costs and other considerations.”

Knowing when your poster is ready

You will receive an email notifying you that it is complete and ready for pickup. Please do not periodically ‘check in’ as this will not speed the printing process.

Costs and other important considerations

Posters for research and external functions are to be billed to the appropriate research grant or organization. This is to reimburse the college for its expenses for supplies, ink and maintenance on the poster machine. Current cost of a poster is $50, but is subject to change.

CON students creating posters for organized class presentations will be provided one print free of charge. This is made possible by the CON Student Technology Fee. Reprints are not available, so it is strongly suggested to proofread before sending.

Students or student organizations in need of posters which are not related to an organized class project need a faculty or staff sponsor. The purpose of the sponsor is to help in determining if the poster is appropriate college-related material.

Posters for individuals who do not have a current affiliation with the college (faculty, staff, student) can request a poster by going to for a fee of $50.