For Students: Becoming a Global Citizen

We believe it is imperative that our students are equipped with the knowledge and experience to be global citizens, whether at home or abroad. Our Office of Global Innovations prepares students by teaching cultural competency and wellness. Students are transformed through an innovative education combined with practical, evidence and research-based clinical experience.


Global Experiences

Education Abroad

Term: Spring Break
Eligibility: Undergraduate (Senior) or Graduate
Course number(s): N2798/N5798
Total credit hours: 3
Clinical hours: Graduate only - 60 hours

During spring break, graduate students can receive 60 clinical credit hours at a site in Choluteca, Honduras. Students will work under faculty supervision, providing healthcare and health education in rural villages, public health departments, hospitals and schools. The team also provides education to community healthcare workers and high school students, as well as screenings and medical treatment to patients. 

Read more about this opportunity on the OIA website: Nursing Experience in Honduras


Term: Spring Break
Eligibility: Undergraduate (Junior or Senior) or Graduate
Course number(s): N2798/N5798
Total credit hours: 3
Clinical hours: None

Students travel to Gondar, Ethiopia over spring break for a 10-day cultural learning experience. This faculty-led education abroad program focuses on assessing the health status and healthcare needs in Ethiopia and understanding concepts of intercultural healthcare. Students will experience the town of Gondar, the largest of the three-former capitals of Ethiopia, which is the setting for the impressive castle of Emperor Fasilidas. The University of Gondar is one of the largest universities and teaching hospitals in Ethiopia. Students will have the opportunity to converse with and learn from Gondar nurses, faculty and students throughout the program. Students will also experience the extraordinary Simien Mountains National Park in Northern Ethiopia. This UNESCO World Heritage site has jaw-dropping peaks and plateaus, and amazing wildlife that will leave all visitors in awe. There are no clinical credits for this program. 

Read more about this opportunity on the OIA website: Nursing Experience in Ethiopia


Term: Summer Term (May)
Eligibility: Undergraduate (Sophomore-Senior) or Graduate
Course number(s): N2798/N5798
Total credit hours: 3
Clinical hours: None

For BSN students in their sophomore or junior year, as well as Graduate Entry, Traditional Master's students and non-nursing majors, we offer service learning in partnership with the Jubilee House Community/Center for Development in Central America (JHC/CDCA) in Nicaragua. This three-credit course includes pre-departure classes delivered in the spring semester and the in-country portion of the course occurs over a 12-day span in early May. Students participate in five days of service learning at JHC/CDCA's clinic Nueva Vida in Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua and also travel to Matagalpa and engage in education about traditional medicine, coffee manufacturing, as well as observe in a rural healthcare sponsored by the Ministry of Health. 

Read more about this opportunity on the OIA website: Nursing Experience in Nicaragua


Term: Summer Term (May)
Eligibility: Graduate Entry only
Course number(s): N6240S and N5798
Total credit hours: 4.5
Clinical hours: 60

Beautiful and welcoming Oslo, the capital of Norway. This year, our college will offer global opportunities for graduate entry students enrolled in NURSING 6240S Concepts in Community Health Nursing. We will offer the full clinical required experience in a partnership with Lovisenberg Diaconal University College (LDUC), the first school in Norway to offer a nursing degree in 1868. We will have an extraordinary experience partnering with Norweigan nursing students who are also completing their community health clinical. In addition, students will have opportunities to participate in cultural and educational events in this faculty-led opportunity including a project "Oslo by Night," which addresses population-focused care of individuals, families and communities who are disadvantaged or disenfranchised. This global learning experience will be offered May 24 - June 8, 2019. From the fjords, fishing, skiing, Vikings and healthy lifestyles, we will welcome students to the land of the midnight sun. 

United Kingdom: Chester and Isle of Jersey
United Kingdom - Chester

Term: Spring Break
Eligibility: Undergraduate (Senior)
Course number(s): N4240S and N2798
Total credit hours: 4.5
Clinical hours: 35-40

This program will expose students to concepts of international healthcare, nursing education and the role of nursing in the UK. Students will engage with nurses and nursing students at the University of Chester and participate in clinical, simulation and community health activities. This program targets undergraduate nursing students enrolled in the community health nursing course.

Read more about this opportunity on the OIA website: Nursing Experience in Chester, England

United Kingdom - Isle of Jersey

Term: Spring Break
Eligibility: Graduate Midwifery only
Course number(s): N5798
Total credit hours: 3
Clinical hours: 40 max

For Midwifery students, we offer a clinical experience in the United Kingdom on the Isle of Jersey, a UK Crown Dependency channel island located between England and France. The spring break elective study abroad program will expose students to the practice of British midwifery within the clinic, hospital and community setting. In partnership with the University of Chester Midwifery educational program on the Isle of Jersey, students are paired with registered midwives throughout the experience. Nurse-midwifery students in their first clinical year are eligible to apply for the two placements. 

Read more about this opportunity on the OIA website: Nursing Experience in the United Kingdom

Risk Assessments
Risk Designated Tiers

The College of Nursing is committed to providing diverse learning experiences that build the future leaders of tomorrow. As a part of our mission to transform health and lives, we offer global learning experiences in a broad array of countries and environments. To ensure full understanding by students of these opportunities, we provide a tremendous amount of information on-line to provide students with a good picture of the experience, logistics and learning opportunities. To this end, it is our responsibility to provide students with current, relevant risk assessments on each opportunity prior to enrolling in the experience. Please note, these risk assessments change on a continual basis and it is the student’s responsibility to keep updated on any changes prior to the trip. The U.S. Department of State rates international travel risk by country on a scale of lowest (1) to highest (4). The Ohio State University Office of International Affairs and the College of Nursing’s Office of Global Innovation will also provide, on a timely basis, relevant changes to any travel risk assessments and itinerary modifications. Ohio State’s risk ratings are on a scale of 1-5 (see below). Click here to see the current tiered risk for global experiences. We hope you find this information useful in your decision-making – global learning experiences can change your life and your career path!

The scale puts in place a tiered risk level for countries and regions and defines parameters for travel. The system is based on guidance from numerous resources: U.S. Department of State, Drum Cussac, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.

 Ohio State Risk Designated Tiers

 Tier 5

 Extreme Risk

 Tier 4

 High Risk

 Tier 3

 Moderate Risk

 Tier 2

 Specific Risk

 Tier 1

 Universal Risk


Honduras: Tier 4 – High Risk

Ethiopia and Nicaragua: Tier 3 – Moderate Risk

Norway and United Kingdom: Tier 1 – Universal Risk. No country, whatever their tier risk, is without any risk (including our own).

Preparing for your Experience
Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of International Affairs offers a wide range of financial aid for your study abroad program. Please visit their website for a full listing.

Materials to Prepare Before You Apply

Prior to applying for a study abroad program, it’s important that you have these items:

  • Study abroad program term and program ID code. You may obtain this information from the study abroad program information page
  • Your academic program information, which includes your college and major. This can be accessed through your Student Center at In the Academics section, click on "Academic Other" and select "View Academic Information." You will need to include this information in your application
  • Your passport number. If you have not received your passport, or have not yet applied for one, you may still complete the online application, but remember that you may not participate in a study abroad program without a valid passport

Once you have the above items, you'll need to gather the following materials:

How to Apply
  1. Log into Buckeye Link:
  2. Select “OSU Study Abroad Application” from “Self Service” list on the top of the page.
  3. Complete the Study Abroad Application Form
  4. Complete:
  5. Education Abroad Agreement/Release/Authorization Form
  6. Eligibility Questionnaire
  7. Upload or copy and paste your Personal Statement
  8. Sign and Submit
  9. Pay the $150 application fee within 3 days of submitting your application*

For more information please visit:

*The application fee will be refunded only if you are not accepted to the education abroad program or if you submit a written request to withdraw your application prior to the application deadline