Janine Overcash, PhD, GNP-BC, FAANP

Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
(614) 247-2365

340 Newton Hall
1585 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210






Research Interest

Janine Overcash, PhD, GNP-BC  is a Clinical Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, College of Nursing. Dr. Overcash is a geriatric nurse practitioner specializing in the care of the older breast cancer patient. Dr. Overcash has authored over 40 peer reviewed journal articles in the area of geriatric assessment. A book entitled, The Older Cancer Patient: A Guide for Nurses and Related Professionals by Janine Overcash and Lodovico Balducci highlights principles of care of the older person with cancer and received book of the year award by the American Journal of Nursing. Dr. Overcash has completed a postdocterate with the John A. Hartford Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity Program and continuing to be on the board of the Hartford Gerontological Nurse Leaders. Dr. Overcash is currently interested in maintaining functional status of older women undergoing chemotherapy and creating and sustaining Geriatric Oncology Ambulatory Care Clinics.


Research Activities (most recent)

2014   Prescribing Adult Day Health Services (ADS) to Reduce Emergency Department (ED) and Hospital readmissions-Chart Review Study. Co-Investigator. Funded Internally at Ohio State University, 25,000.

2014   Comprehensive Geriatric Assess in the Older Person Diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Principal Investigator.

2013   Interdisciplinary Education for Spiritual Care of Cancer Patients: A Program Evaluation. Principal Investigator.

2013   Advanced Practice Oncology Fellowship (APOF) Program. Received an internal grant of an embedded librarian to help with the project. 40,000. Principal Investigator and now co-investigator.

2011   The Benefits of Mind-Body Movement in Cancer Survivors. Principal Investigator.

2011   Impact of a Transitional Care Model in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease. Principal Investigator and now Co-investigator.

2011   Care of Patients Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease at The James Cancer Hospital. Principal Investigator and now Co-Investigator


Selected Publications

Bumb, M., Keefe, J., Miller, L., & Overcash, J. (Under Review).  Breaking Bad News: An Evidenced-based Review for Oncology Nurses and Advanced Practice Nurses. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing.


Overcash, J., & Perry, M. (Under Review). Dementia as Detected on the Clock Drawing Test in Older Women with Breast Cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology Nursing.


Browning, K., Kue, J., & Overcash, J. (In Press). Feasibility of a Mind Body Movement Program for Cancer Survivors. Oncology Nursing Forum.


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